UDIMI Solo Ads - My Review And Results

Published by Stephane Boudreault — 01-08-2019 11:01:16 AM

This UDIMI review will educate you about one of the largest websites where you can buy high quality email Solo Ads to market your online business opportunity.

I am going to share with you my experience of buying Solo Ads (I have posted my most 10 recent Solo Ad results in this article).

Honestly, I think 
UDIMI is one of the best platforms online where you can purchase email Solo Ads. For approximately $35-$50 you can get 100 quality clicks to your business. If your squeeze/capture page looks professional and you have a good offer, you can count on getting a high opt-in rate.

The UDIMI team filters out bots and fake traffic automatically. The clicks you receive are clean and super targeted.

I have bought many solo ads from UDIMI. Their rating system is great, you have the opportunity to read reviews from other UDIMI buyers before purchasing.

The platform is super easy to use, you can search to find sellers that are in your niche.

You can chat with the vendors before placing your order. The support team is amazing.

UDIMI has tutorials available for solo ad buyers. You will learn plenty of pro tips such as how to avoid mistakes. Buying Solo Ads can explode your business if you are consistent.

TIPS: Visit the forum regularly. The forum can be your best friend. Always start with a small campaign first to see if you get results or not. Talk with your vendor for tips how to tweak your campaign.

Purchasing email solo ads can be a tad risky, there is no guarantee of the outcome. If you are serious about your online business, then you must invest into your business.

You can really build a responsive email list just by investing a small amount on a monthly basis. 
Solo Ads are most likely the quickest way to build your business.

Keep track of which seller(s) work best for you. Then you can scale your business fast.

You can make some extra money if you choose to promote the platform to others.

My 10 Most Recent Solo Ad Results:

1- Bought 100 clicks. Got 43 leads. No sales.

2- Bought 100 clicks. Got 38 leads. 2 sales.

3- Bought 150 clicks. Got 51 leads. 1 sale.

4- Bought 125 clicks. Got 43 leads. 1 sale.

5- Bought 100 clicks. Got 32 leads. No sales.

6- Bought 200 clicks. Got 62 leads. 1 sale.

7- Bought 300 clicks. Got 99 leads. 2 sales.

8- Bought 150 clicks. Got 55 leads. 1 sale.

9- Bought 100 clicks. Got 40 leads. No sales.

10- Bought 100 clicks. Got 38 leads. 1 sale.

Keep in mind your leads won’t buy from you in the first contact. Some will if your lucky.

It generally takes 7-12 contacts before someone decides to buy and or join your business.

This is why an autoresponder is a must have in any online business.

Register a Udimi account today and get a $5 discount on your first order.

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