3 Tips to Dominate Facebook

Published by Stephane Boudreault — 03-14-2020 02:03:50 PM

3 Tips to Dominate Facebook: 

 1. Become a person of Value. Learn as much as you can about some aspect of your niche. Then become the go-to person for that topic by giving more value than anyone else. 

 2. Master the Facebook algorithm. If you don’t figure this out, no one will see your amazing content. You want to be getting at least 100 likes per post. Hint: the more you engage on other people’s content, the more engagement your content will get! 

 3. Stop selling. Stop talking about your offer. No one cares. The secret to making a full time living from Facebook is to talk about THEM. Connect with people and get them to open up to you and tell you their hopes, their dreams, and the obstacles and problems in their way. If you have something that can help them, NOW you offer to send them your video. Not before. 

So many millionaires have been made by following this formula. Will you be next?

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