Pro Facebook Tip - Follow This Formula.

Published by Stephane Boudreault — 04-27-2021 09:04:04 PM

Probably the biggest thing holding people back is not knowing what to post that will get them results.

Follow the VRL formula.

1. Value.

Posting value posts are the bread and butter of a business. Take the time to write out thoughtful and informative posts that show you know a thing or two. If people learn something new by reading your post the chances are they will buy from you or want to know more about what you are doing.

Don't post motivational posts where you just repeat a bunch of crap having the right mindset and believing in yourself etc... Say something original that will teach people something about your niche.

2. Results.
Share some results, doesn't have to be money. It can be how you lost weight, or that you hit 5000 followers on Twitter, or something like that. Can be someone else's results as well. Example, "my mentor made $10K this month with our system".

3. Lifestyle.
Mix these with the value posts. Basically posting photos of yourself so people can see that you are real and not hiding anything. Photos of you doing cool and exciting things. Just selfies are fine also.

Stick to the formula and I guarantee you will have success.

DO NOT CLICK the share button. This will kill your engagement.

STOP posting useless random crap about irrelevant things. Nobody cares that your at the restaurant or that your kid missed the school bus.

Make today great,
Stephane Boudreault aka Steve
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