How To Use Herculist Effectively To Advertise Your Business or Offers

Published by Stephane Boudreault — 05-05-2021 11:05:42 AM

Safe-lists were the first advertising campaigns I used when I started internet marketing and I got great results.

In fact the only safe-list that gave me more leads and sales was the Herculist. I have also seen many other internet marketers provide the same review of the Herculist platform – it is the best and most responsive.

Safe-lists work best when you send your offer to larger quantities.

Therefore you may get a better response if you email 80,000 contacts as opposed to 1000 contacts.

If you are using the Herculist for the first time, then I would strongly recommend that you use their Mega-Mail Smart-List so you can send your offer to all 80,000 membersmaking your chances of getting a sale,  higher.

Get a ton of website traffic without spending a fortune!

I Recommend Herculist

The reason why I recommend Herculist is because I get a decent number of leads daily and generate sales into my business.

The image above shows one of many leads I received daily from the advertising at Herculist. I have generated over 479 leads in the last 3 months and several paid sales.

Because of my Life-Time Gold membership I continue to use the Herculist platform and get multiple sales from people looking for business opportunities.

It is a free to join membership site. As a free member you can send your offer to 1000 members only.

However to get the best results it is highly recommended that you send your offer to more than 10,000 members as this is the magic number.

To send your offer to more members then you will need to upgrade to the Pro or Gold membership or pay a one-time fee for the service.

If you are upgraded, your traffic will be covered and the potential to make sales is endless.

Quick pro tip, if you are struggling to get leads using Herculist, do not be quick to blame. Take a look at your sales or opt-in page do some tweaking, then try again. It is all about testing testing testing.

Join Herculist

To join Herculist you will need two Gmail email address.

They recommend Gmail as it allows better discoverability of emails. If you do not have a Gmail account, then I would recommend that you create one.

The Gmail accounts are one for all emails that you will receive from members. Do not use a personal account. It is better to create a separate email account for this as you can receive hundreds of emails each day.

For example my email inbox has over 23000 emails from members. Emails come to your inbox almost every minute.

Once you have registered then you can test their traffic by sending your offer to its members. Remember the more you send get better results.

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