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Published by Stephane Boudreault — 05-05-2021 12:05:32 PM

Free Advertising For You is a viral mailer, a traffic exchange, a site rotator, a surf exchange, a solo ad service provider, a credit mailer, a click exchange, a lead generation program, a referral exchange, a banner exchange network. 

This platform has a huge amount of ways you can advertise your online business & it includes BUYERS! 

Here are a some of what they offer:

Lifetime banner ads - We can set the banner for the lifetime and we can change it whenever we want to. 

Banner ads with fixed numbers of impressions Text links with fixed numbers of impressions.

Full page Login Ads, great for conversions!

Solo Ads - Solo ads are getting 350 clicks on average.

Full page Surf Ads.

1 Login Rotator Site while you are free member, 

2 login rotator site if you are a Gold upgraded member

Featured Banner with Text Ad(s) Plus LOTS more!!!

FAFY has CASH prizes for those who are active consistently on the platform. I also love you can exchange your activity points to get more traffic to your offers.

Jason Price who is the owner is very hands on. He answers your queries through support promptly but do expect that he may delay some replies because of the busy site he is administering. He has put together video tutorials of how to get things done on the website. 

So you won't be left not knowing what to do as it can get quite overwhelming at first. He updates his videos regularly according to new additions to the site.

This website receives 230,000+ visits a month. That's almost 8,000 visits a day. So it's a great opportunity for both advertisers & affiliates to become successful using the platform.

After registration you will receive a promocode for the below advertising.

5 Text Links w/5000 Impressions ($25 Value) 5 468x60 Banner Ads w/5000 Impressions ($25 Value) 1 Full Page Surf Ad w/250 Views 1 125x125 Banner Ad w/1000 Impressions 10,000 Bonus Credits, or

4 Text Links w/5000 Impressions ($20 Value) 4 468x60 Banner Ads w/5000 Impressions ($20 Value) 1 Solo Ad to all members ($10 Value) 10,000 Bonus Credits

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