Here are 3 tips and techniques to help you get MASSIVE TRAFFIC AND INCOME STREAMS

Published by Anthony Stewart — 06-17-2022 07:06:56 AM

1. To handle logging into many sites it's essential we have a tool that will get the job done without having to type in usernames/passwords and waste valuable time.

Windows Users: RoboForm Program (LEARN MORE)

Mac Users: 1Password Program (Free Download Evaluation Copy)

Mac Users: Last Pass Program (Free Download)

Get this program and read the instructions. What does it do? It will remember your login URLs securely and automatically log you into sites without having to type the same thing in over and over.

2. Sign up for at least 2 Gmail accounts. The reason is that different email accounts allow you to work with the top safelists and keep everything organized. We'll discuss safelists later, for now...

Get a Gmail account - (** Learn To Check Your Spam Folder Daily **)

SPECIAL NOTE: George Kosch uses an email program called, Postbox which enables you to manage multiple email accounts with ease. => LEARN ABOUT GEORGE

Another great and FREE email program called Thunderbird by the makers of Firefox.

Now you can see why we need RoboForm from above.

3. The purpose of the email accounts is to get control of the email you will be getting from "Safe Lists" and Traffic Exchanges.

What is a safe list?

These are a remarkable advancement which uses the cooperative efforts of thousands of people to guarantee quality visits to web sites. Safe lists are similar to traffic exchanges, except they rely on email delivery and rewards to keep advertisers happy.

How Safe Lists work.

People signup at the safe list site at no charge and agree to accept anywhere from 5 - 15 emails per day to their email account.

So far so good, we signup and say, "sure, I'll take the email and not block it".

Let's say we have a good list of 10,000 subscribers on our safe list. Why would they bother to read email sent to the list?

Answer: When an email arrives it contains an ad from one of the subscribers which has a url leading to a "landing page" or "advertising page". BUT, if you click on the link in the email to you, the system rewards you with some credits and makes sure you stay on the page for, in most cases, 20 seconds. Once the time ends YOU get credits added to your account.

Credits are then converted at anytime you like to emailing to the list. If you have 100 credits, you can send an ad to the list to 100 people and so on.

It's a simple process but very powerful because at first glean you would think, "Isn't this just a bunch of people trying to pawn off their own op to a list of others doing the same?"

Yes and no. Why? 10,000 people don't stay in the same opportunity for long as we all know and have experienced. In our experience 50% of the list is, at any time, looking for a new way to make money, or they are "open" to something new. The market in these lists is 50% ripe and you should understand this.

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