How to detect fake gold coins. 6 anti-scam tests.

Published by Ophelie Le Bail — 02-26-2024 08:02:42 AM

Why invest in gold ? It is a safe haven that will never experience a crisis. Your money is protected from banks.
It is a profitable investment.

Now the difficulty is: where to buy your gold?

Unfortunately the Bank of France no longer sells its gold to individuals. Banks go to gold dealers and not directly to smelters, and therefore you will pay additional fees. As for gold merchants, there is no guarantee that your gold will be authentic and just like you, banks take the same risks in choosing their supplier.

To make your process easier, instead of finding out about each merchant, buy directly from the source.
LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) lists smelters meeting the quality criteria to be accepted on the international precious metals market.

View the list here ----->

Then, choose the founder closest to your country.

By landing on the official website, in the location or “about” tab, you will find the subsidiary established in your country. By visiting the official website of this subsidiary, you can place your orders for bars.

Example: I live in France, the closest refinery to my country:

Heimerle + Meule GmbH

First Listing of Refinery: 3/6/14

Refinery Location: Pforzheim (Germany)

You click on the "company" tab ---> About US ----> Locations ----> Cookson CLAL for France

You order your ingots directly from the LBMA-certified founder Heimerle Meule through its subsidiary Cookson CLAL located in France.

Official website:

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