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I am happily married we have a gorgeous dog, unfortunately, I haven't made much online but I'm willing to try a there is a lot of Scam programs out there but I do have faith in leased ad space and this Awesome Business That Has A real Product And Good Compensation Plan

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A Changing World

Published on 11-17-2019 09:11:27 AM by Greg Dale


This article talks a little about the recent changes that caused a very large shift in world economies and briefly outlines how the shift affected fundamental principles of business. It goes on to relate how these changes birthed a new and innovative breed of business to

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Pretend money on the Internet

Published on 08-19-2017 01:08:10 AM by Greg Dale

I just like to talk about pretend money on the Internet unfortunately for me most rev share programs are pretend money the reason being this is that if you only spend say $100-$200 on advertising then click the ads as they say you should do generally the company falls over within 3 to 4 months

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Programs that a pretend money

Published on 03-04-2017 11:03:45 PM by Greg Dale

Of all The programs I have joined on the internet Leased Ad Space ;is the only program that I have actually made money not much at this stage about $350 after all packages are paid for and I believe I will continue to do so  The Reason Why is that it is real money Not pretend money like most

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Published on 03-04-2017 03:03:36 AM by Greg Dale

Hi I have been looking at all the members of leased ad space and I noticed that a lot of signed up but not bought packages yet and for what I looked at it looks at the least a couple thousand now the reason I think that is is because people don't know how to fund the packages mean to open up a

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