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Published by Greg Dale — 11-17-2019 09:11:27 AM


This article talks a little about the recent changes that caused a very large shift in world economies and briefly outlines how the shift affected fundamental principles of business. It goes on to relate how these changes birthed a new and innovative breed of business to become the new model and what this new model requires of future endeavors. Lastly, this paper will show how a remarkable company, OnPassive, is not only poised to meet those requirements, but is set to usher forth its own global shift in the Online Marketing Space.


Recognizing the world has changed, it’s safe to say that people have changed too. Consequently, the way we think about jobs and careers, family, health… our security… has also changed. To illustrate the point, consider the term “boomerang” children. It came about through an inability for our kids… young adults… to obtain sufficiently lucrative employment to live out on their own. They eagerly leave home only to return… much like a boomerang.

People started putting their lives on hold, so to speak. We postponed getting married and having children… we’re postponing career choices, etc. It’s as if we’re biding our time just waiting for the world to go back to the way it was. For a great many of us there is a sense that if we can just get through this difficult time then we can go back to being “normal.” But this is the new “normal” and the whole world is rapidly pushing forward into the new paradigm.


The modern world began a forceful push for globalism some time back so now, like it or not, we're all making the change. After all, we are the world. We no longer live in isolated communities, economies, or nations. We no longer rely on isolated resources with a global economy. It’s no longer about solving a few people's problems; it’s about global awareness. And, globally speaking, this new awareness allows us to see the world and ourselves in a new context of personal belief.

The “old” science has taught the origin of life, including human life, was random. The relationship we have to our own body and our own world, so we have been told, is one of separateness. And, according to old science, our relationship to the past is an unforgiving, one-way “street” while the rule of nature was said to be one of competition and conflict.

So, why is this important? Well, because society is still based on those principles. Our medical and healing models are based on them. The vast majority of corporations in the world today are based on them. If fact, entire economies that are no longer working for much of the world are based on them.

But, take heart. Scientists have discovered some truly remarkable things that have had huge impacts on our world. Those impacts resulted in the grand paradigm shift we’re talking about. These new discoveries have proven all the previously held assumptions to be false; proven them as non-sustainable models. Our new science has determined that the origin of life, all life, is not random. It has shown not only that the relationship [our mind has] to our body is one of very deep connection, but the same is true for our relationship to the [physical] world. We now know we are deeply connected to both and it’s been shown we even have the ability to [physically] influence the world around us through our beliefs. And, concerning the fundamental rule of nature…it's based completely on cooperation and mutual benefit; on connectedness. You see, when living out a model of competition and conflict the underlying question we ask is, "What can I get out of this?" However, living out a model of cooperation and mutual benefit requires we that ask a much different question. Namely, “What can I contribute to this?


So, this brings us to the philosophy that gave birth to OnPassive. It’s not fully expressed, because OnPassive hasn’t launched publicly yet, but the philosophy that will spark the coming online marketing shift, like the rule of nature, is also based on cooperation and mutual benefit. OnPassive’s launch will show the public… the whole world… a new standard in online marketing that primarily takes the form of a non-competitive, self-funding business solution. You got that, right? Non-competitive, self-funding. It’s a solution intended for marketers that does away with the need for them to recruit or convert leads. It can guarantee traffic and even pays the marketer to use it. Hence, self-funding. That’s powerful! It provides every imaginable tool needed for successful online marketing. It’s an ”All done for you.” system with everything easily accessible in one place. Yep… everything’s under one roof. And that’s not just things like unlimited rotators, funnels, or landing pages. It also includes things like bulk emailers, email campaign data cleaners, contact managers, autoresponders, domain names and hosting, site creators, personal webinar hosting, crowd-funding platforms, and a whole host of other things. What’s more… there is no copy-cat or recycled tech. OnPassive’s systems are all brand new and proprietary; built from the ground up using artificial intelligence. Incidentally, these resources are available at the lowest price at any spot on the globe! In this way, OnPassive is absolutely in sync with the shift the world has begun in recent years. As a matter of fact, OnPassive is making history with this new, global, online-marketing standard. This is our contribution to the whole. It includes things not even mentioned here and puts OnPassive Founders in a unique position to reach global audiences unhindered.


So how do we answer our earlier question, “What can I contribute to this?” In a word, “Passion.” If Mr. Mufareh has modeled anything to the world it is simply this: Whatever our passion, we must share it. It doesn’t have to be limited to things learned in school or on the job. OnPassive… the whole world… needs the things we’ve learned instinctively. These are things we absolutely enjoy. They’re the things we have a passion for and really like doing. In other words, these are our “gifts.” Once we realize there’s a need for something that we can provide, we simply provide it. It really is that simple. Providing something through your gifts is something that brings joy. But more than that, it allows you to freely meet a need and work with others. It models philosophies of cooperation and mutual benefit that enable the rewards we want or the means to get them.

This is what the Bible means when it says, “The worker is worthy of his wages.” This foundational premise securely reflects the Biblical Law of Sowing and Reaping as well as the Law of Attraction.


One of OnPassive’s goals is to ethically and fairly provide what the world needs to as many as can use it. Moreover, OnPassive has developed this new model in line with the new science that teaches us life is based on cooperation and mutual benefit. Buckminster Fuller said:

“You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.” Fuller, R. Buckminster

In keeping with the spirit of Mr. Fuller’s quote, OnPassive has developed an entire system, with the help of artificial intelligence, that is a brand new, never-before-even-seen online marketing system destined to render the past standards of online marketing obsolete.

You see, OnPassive is not trying to pull away from others as much as possible for themselves. Instead, OnPassive is providing a platform that allows those that already have businesses to join and become much more successful while providing for those that have no business [or success in online marketing] a plug-and-play system that guarantees their success. Incidentally, this system is exactly what our “Boomerang-ers” need.

In the first case, OnPassive is not encroaching on our affiliates’ businesses or livelihood so seeks to increase their abundance. In the second case, OnPassive is providing the needed goods and services to those that have none and so seeks to provide them the means for obtaining abundance. In both cases not only are the costs much lower and the quality much higher than currently available, but every resource is included for the single price. Additionally, OnPassive has products lined up that it will provide and maintain freely to the public at large. I know of no one else on the face of the planet that can make these claims. OnPassive CEO says:

“So, we are actually not competing with any company out there because we are not primarily a business opportunity, we are a smart Marketing Solution before we are an income opportunity.” Ash Mufareh


Ok, so the whole world has entered this shift. It started years ago and resulted in a global economy that needs innovative ideas that provide new, sustainable ways of doing things based on that shift. Accordingly, leading-edge companies adapted and embraced new ideas and technology which made the world seem smaller as businesses expanded rapidly across the globe. As more and more of these “early adapters” embraced the shift, they created shifts in their own work spaces and followed suite with expansions that impacted national economies and gave birth to a truly global economy. The newly implemented ideas and technology were like a [steroid] shot in the arm for business and the increased strength was reflected in a new category of businesses known as “Unicorns.” This term was coined by venture-capitalist Aileen Lee in 2013. The mythical animal was chosen to denote the statistical rarity of privately held start-up companies valued at over $1 billion. As an indication of how quickly the shift has diminished the rarity of such companies, there are now more than 370 of them world-wide. Of the very first ten Unicorns, which launched between 2010 and 2013, seven are based in the US and include the well-known companies Airbnb ($29B) and Space-X ($18B). Of the top ten Unicorns with the highest valuation, again… seven are based in the US. The number 1 spot is an artificial intelligence company based in China, called Toutiao, valued at $75B. Airbnb and Space-X hold the sixth and eighth spot, respectively. And the number 10 spot is held by DoorDash, valued at about $12B. None of the companies in either of these top-ten lists operate in the Online Affiliate Marketing Space. But OnPassive is about to remedy that because the countdown to launch has begun and GoFounders is about to migrate to the OnPassive Platform. OnPassive already touts a global presence with more than 34,000 Founding Members in more than 140 countries and it hasn’t even launched yet!. Additionally, mid-July of 2019 marked the celebratory opening of its brand new campus in Bengaluru [also called Bangalore, the capital of], Karnataka, in India. Incidentally, this area is also known as the “Silicon Valley” of India. Destined to be the world’s newest high-tech giant to join the herd of free-ranging “Unicorns”, OnPassive occupies a most prestigious spot there, in India, right alongside the massive tech offices of Walmart, Google, Apple, McAfee, and others.


Those companies have been some of the very first to embrace the new model and leverage the power of the internet. OnPassive, has kept pace with the global change through the understanding and vision of its Founder and CEO, Mr. Mufareh, and has developed the first sustainable, hands-free system to be applied to the online marketing space. This puts OnPassive next in the line of high probability to achieve the phenomenal, global success shown by other companies in the wake of previously massive changes. And OnPassive embraced it knowing full-well their shift has the internet and online marketing spaces clearly in its “cross-hairs.” There is simply no other mechanism available through which a business can (1) offer a complete business solution with absolute digital duplicability and sustainability, (2) very quickly gain an active, participatory, global audience and (3) reach massively proportionate, global growth. Once it goes public with its system, which the world needs and the new paradigm requires… OnPassive will quickly become a world class corporation “running with the herd” and communing daily at the table of a global economy.


If you are a Founder, Congratulations! If you are not a Founder, become one. OnPassive’s principles are honorable and ethical. It operates on the leading edge of thought and its Founders are privy to the cutting edge of technology. YOU are its leaders. Your efforts continue to drive OnPassive’s powerful momentum. Rise up! Embrace the day. This is your day! Rise up and be counted! Everything is here and lined up for your unbridled success. Wherever you are, encourage one another. Support those around you. Bless them. Speak well of them. Encourage and support your up-line too… straight to the very top. Do not allow doubt or fear to reign in you. Do not grow weary in well-doing. But rather, always keep the faith and run the race with excellence. Remember… you are in it to win it.

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