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Published by Greg Dale — 08-19-2017 01:08:10 AM

I just like to talk about pretend money on the Internet unfortunately for me most rev share programs are pretend money the reason being this is that if you only spend say $100-$200 on advertising then click the ads as they say you should do generally the company falls over within 3 to 4 months now unfortunately I have become a victim of this as I have not had $1000-$2000 worth of funds to purchase the ads another thing the only people who make money are the ones who have put in $1000-$2000 the rest of the people who put in $100-$200 are the ones that are paying those people who have spent $1000-$2000 now I'm not saying rev shares are a scam I think it is just the power of compounding is too much and the thing is the ads should only be recycled say five times and then you have to purchase more now this includes rev shares with backup like  Forex, travel agencies, etc as they have all fallen over or are paying  like molasses now there are two programs I recommend that aren't pretend money they actually have a real product number 1  10xbitcoin it is a matrix program something like LeasedAdSpace it has been a year in the making and has designed so it won't stall because for the first three levels they will accept multiple payment processors including PayPal check it out you will be surprised their product is Traffic

Traffic Generation, Ad Network. Everyone knows that the lifeblood, key ingredient, and defining factor of any online marketing effort a business of any category whether online or offline, is traffic, visitors, eyeballs. It is indispensable and has ever increasing demand. As a direct result and benefit of our parent company Deep Profit Streams, and their rapidly and exponentially growing worldwide internal and external network reach, these services will provide tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and eventually millions of viewers and clicks to hungry online and bricks & mortar businesses, thereby generating repetitive, increasing, and sustainable revenue streams and profits to customers & Affiliate Members WITHOUT the government and longevity risks of revshare companies.

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Social Media and Valuable Digital Products. Cutting edge marketing systems, services, and tools for both customers and affiliates to attract, engage, and boost conversions & profits. We also offer Valuable, Effective, and Proven Digital Products & Services from reputable partners and some that are proprietary developed and distributed.

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BitCoin & Crypto-Currency Education. We have valuable Education & Training for Customers and Affiliate Members. Our Education & Training has two distinct categories:

A.) Vast, Adaptive, and Deeper & Deeper Crypto-Currency education, ongoing timely commentary from our own 10xBitCoin experts as well as Industry Leaders, and actionable Industry Insights.

B.) The Newest Innovations, Proven Techniques, and implementation-ready Marketing & Online Business training & education to kick-start, and/or enhance any customer effort/campaign, and ultimately explode the online income of our Affiliate Members. And of EXTREME IMPORTANCE...very needed education regarding latest threats to your growing crypto-currency wallets & portfolio, and the most up to date methods to protect yourself.


 Number 2       Builderall      
This is an all in one marketing platform Summary: BuilderAll Software Internet Marketing Platform - Outstanding Easily Create Websites, Blogs and Pages With All The Features You Can Imagine, Capture Leads With Optin Pages, Facebook Apps, Browser Notifications And Many More by Complete Digital Marketing Platform For Small and Smart Businesses you get a seven day free trial with this also they have a affiliate program for one-off $97 this program has been seven years in the making it is been constantly updated and I believe this is a game changer  Builderall


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I am happily married we have a gorgeous dog, unfortunately, I haven't made much online but I'm willing to try a there is a lot of Scam programs out there but I do have faith in leased ad space and this Awesome Business That Has A real Product And Good Compensation Plan