IEEE Citation Guide to Format Your Paper

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The following guide provides a variety of references to help you format your write my essay in accordance with IEEE journal, magazine and newsletter publishing style. Throughout this document, the words ``IEEE journal" will be used generically to indicate that the same principles apply for magazine and newsletter articles. The reference at the end of this guide contains more information on IEEE article formats.

1) Article Title page (optional)

2) Abstract 

3) Keywords 

4) Headline / Subtitle 5) First paragraph 6) Headings

7) Subheadings 

8) List of Tables and Figures (if applicable)

9) Table Legend(s) (if applicable) 

10) Reference List 

11) Text, including figures and tables

12): Optional sections

13): Footnotes and endnotes

14): Our copy edit suggestions

The following examples are only intended to serve as guides for formatting your own write my paper, they should not be copied verbatim. In addition, the following examples are provided solely for a visual reference and do not reflect any prior editing decisions made by IEEE journal editors or staff members who worked on the papers included in these samples. Furthermore, some of these figures were created from raw data before images were uploaded to IEEE Xplore® for publication and may not reflect the final figure as it appeared in print.

The Abstract is a concise (one paragraph) summary of your work that makes clear what you did in the paper and its significance for readers who are uncertain whether to read further (see 1). Ideally, it should be kept under 250 words; this gives an idea of the level of complexity or detail required for the full paper without requiring essay writer to document through a lengthy text that could bore them. It is not a summary of the paper itself but should point out what has been achieved and why it represents an advance over previous work.

The Abstract is placed on a separate page at the beginning of each article together with author information (see 1). "Abstract" should be written in capital letters and centered on the top-half of the page. The title must contain no more than 10 words, as this is taken into account for indexing purposes. Keywords may follow immediately underlined by a hyphen; they should be no longer than 3 or 4 terms and may be truncated after "review".

Headings are used to indicate major divisions within text sections: subheadings will help break up large blocks of text.

 The number of headings in a paper is, however, kept to the minimum necessary. The heading for the first section of text should be on the left margin. Subheadings should be indented and single-spaced. The word "Section" may be used before subheadings at all levels to facilitate editing and indexing; it is not mandatory usage but helps reduce confusion if a level 1 heading is repeated as level 2 or 3 heading later in the paper or else consider an essay writing service. It is recommended that you use Roman numerals (e.g., i, ii, iii). A lowercase letter may also be used for symmetry with the numbering systems established by some journals.

 Do not use a period after the letter "i".

An abstract section is used for background information and should be kept to an absolute minimum. It may also contain brief discussions of related work, including references to papers that you believe will be useful for your readers to consult. This section should be introduced with appropriate headings or subheadings. Citations are usually placed in parentheses following a heading or subheading but may come at the end of a paragraph. Footnotes may also follow a heading if desired, provided they are relevant only to that specific point within the text. They can also be terminated with superscript lowercase letters (a-f) when referring back to footnotes already cited as superscript lowercase letters (a-c) or seek a paper writing service.

This complete guide provides a proper outline for the students to format their research papers. However, if you are confused, take an essay writing help free so you don’t have to worry about having to pay a large sum of money for your writing assignments.

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