#3 A Look Behind the post with Joe Jackson

Published by alan kavanagh — 12-10-2018 05:12:47 AM


Hows everything going ?

I just wanted to remind you that im here if you need any help with FutureNet

my number is below, so do feel free to drop a text if you need anything.

Also, I thought id send you this week's show, this week I had a fellow

yellow brick roadie on.

It was nice to get to know Joe on a different level, we have been talking in the

Facebook group for years, so it was great too but a voice to man behide the posts.

A look behind the post was created for two reasons really, the first was to help myself and other

get over my fear of video, to do that I made it so id have to turn up every week and I'm hoping

by helping others make the very first content for there channels that it helps their business grow too.

Watch It On YouTube Here

Joe was a great guest he has lead an interesting life from working in the navy, owning a bar to being

a published author and online marketer.

Hope you enjoy it.

Chat with you soon :) 


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