Some facts about buyers in "Online Income" niche

Published by Niranjan Ranade — 07-07-2021 02:07:20 AM

I am affiliate marketer and my conversion rate using low quality incent traffic from safelists & viral list builders is about 0.1% however refund-rate is almost 30% (even though I do my best to promote only high quality products & services).

"Make money online" niche is full of lazy day-dreamers with no cash to actually take any risk in online-business. They are stuck in job mindset. Many dont even have credit-cards, though some do.

Some are actually unemployed / jobless looking to buy financial freedom for less than $50

Ofcourse like everything in life there are some exceptions, so some prospects are really good. They buy and rarely ask for refunds :)

You are still reading this ? I am happy for you!

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