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Whole World - Partnership Fundraising The XXI Century Business

The Project has been working since 2011

900 000 are already with us!

We gift all the participants who will activate their accounts

until 31st July a $10 bonus that can be used

for the Business Machine activation

Learn more about how it works

1. You take the charity relay baton and make a small donation

In this case, one portion of the funds is sent to the International Charitable Foundation for Children, "Whole World", and the other one to the up-line partners throughout structure.

Thanks to a unique technical solution, all money transfers are automatically performed directly between the participants, bypassing the company's account!

2. You pass the relay baton to other people, and they do the same thing

You pass the charity relay baton to other people,
and they, in their turn, pass it then and there!

In this way, your partnership structure is being formed,
and its depth can reach up to 7 generations.

The number of people you can personally invite
to participate in the project, IS UNLIMITED!

3. You will start receiving money transfers from people from all over the world

Every time any one of your partners in the team
makes a charitable donation, you will also get financial Benefit!

The more actively your partnership structure grows,
the more frequently you receive money transfers,
and, at the same time, the more money is sent to charity!

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