The Joy of Work, The Love of Life.

Published by JAMES R WILLIAMS — 07-28-2018 10:07:32 PM

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The life lessons remind us that we are all much more similar then distinct, that we have

much for which to be grateful, and that the love of family is a treasure to be valued above

all else.

With time comes a certain perspective that allows us to more accurately weigh the gravity

of our beginnings. And what keeps coming back to me in greater wonderment each time 

is the thought that I started my life in a place without running water. Yet now, by the grace of 

God, I find myself living a full amazing life beyond anything I could have ever dreamed.

Only in America could a person such as me find such opportunity and seize it, turning it

over and over until it become the smooth likeness of a dream. I been blessed to see my children

grow and learn the value of hard work. I've worked with kings, and princes, princesses, and other high 

ranking officers in the United States Military. 

And while it's true that I have been blessed immeasurably, it has not come with out exhausting work. I've

been in the trenches, so to speak for years-learning and earning my way through the Power Lead System.

I have to admit that there have been times when moving forward seemed impossible. When giving up

would have made sense. It would have been justifiable. But it would not be accepted--not by my

family, and not by me.

james Williams




My name is James Williams. I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I served 31 years in the United States Military. I have been an online marketer for 14 years. I love this business because I get to help other people have success online. The more value I give, the better I serve others and receive in return. I love challenges, and I thrive on helping others on their journey to an abundance of wealth, success and happiness. I know many online marketers are looking for a mentor that can show them how to make money online. However, often they are afraid to admit that they need help. They have been burned so many times before, that they don't know who to trust. I know this, because I used to be one of those marketers. I have been very fortunate to follow in the footsteps of mentors that not only make money online themselves, but they also know how to show others exactly how they do it. Because I have learned from those mentors, I am showing a group of leaders exactly how to make money online as well. If you have the true spirit of an entrepreneur, you are willing to learn and implement the skills taught, and if you are ready to hone the leadership skills necessary to grow your own successful business, then you have come to the right place. As you walk down the fairway of life. You must smell the roses, for you only get one round. Make the most out of everyday of your life. There are no Bad day just opportunities.