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We started out as a specialty advertising shop with promotional products. Now we provide online advertising, social media, podcasting, public relations and video services for small local business people in addition to promotional products. A portion of all of our sales goes to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and St. Jude's

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Email your way to big growing paydays

Published on 01-25-2024 10:01:20 PM by Brian Bearden

You’re watching a television show and it ends with a dark scene of a hand firing a gun at the hero. You don’t know if the hero lives or dies.

You don’t know who shot the hero or why.

And you’re in suspense.

So what do you do?

You watch the next episode, of

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Submit Ads 4 Free and Rapid Profit Machine

Published on 01-07-2024 11:01:30 PM by Brian Bearden

We are getting a lot of hits from Submit Ads 4 Free.

Right, you join for free.

Go ahead, submit your ads 4 free now

Plus, this program

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Traffic Zipper can save you so much time sending emails

Published on 12-03-2023 12:12:55 PM by Brian Bearden

If you're short on traffic, time, or both, then this is a message for you. Check out TRAFFIC ZIPPER.

Getting Traffic to your website

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Be consistent. Don't jump everywhere

Published on 08-02-2018 02:08:36 AM by Brian Bearden

We promote one link.

Not two.

Not three

Not twenty


You end up not getting paid when you try to do everything

And trying to do too much can exhaust you ... after all, you have a real job, right?

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