Off the cuff 25 Dollar 1up review

Published by Brian Davis — 08-27-2018 04:08:07 AM

Hey it's Brian Davis here. I did a quick off the cuff video review of 25dollar1up.  As I mentioned in the video, 25dollar1up provides you with pre-built lead capture pages and landing pages to use, along with a set of pre-written follow up messages, also know as autoresponder messages. 

Many people use systems outside of 25dollar1up to promote it, like myself. I use GlobalNPN and here's one of the pages I built to promote 251Up using GlobalNPN marketing tools; 

Again you could join 25 dollar 1up and use the pages made for you but you have to consider the fact that it's still a very new platform. 

If you promote only the links provided by 25Dollar1up and something happens, then your efforts may be wasted. That's why personally I always promote my own domains that I have control over. 

Back to 25dollar1up. I joined the program at launch, but didn't do very much promoting. One reason is I was a little scared that 25dollar1up would be short lived. But I got to tell you, TJ Holloway, has put together something pretty phenomenal with 25dollar1up, now I feel it's going to be here for the long haul. 

This was an off the cuff video, I look forward to your comments, and if you want work with me in 25dollar1up, I'm pretty good at building out simple funnels that convert, as a matter of fact the last one I did produced nearly $80,000 in 4 months. 

Chat with you later 

Brian K Davis 

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