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Solo Advertising to Millions

By []James Statom

For the most part it is simply paying someone who has a very large email list targeted at a specific group that you wish to send ads too. These ads can usually include images and/or text and target millions with a highly responsive networks.

Solo Ads are very effective because you can find people with extremely large list which allows you to capture a lot of leads and helps you build your own context. A lot of times the lead capture rate of return is an extremely high percentage of the list.

Marketing Budget:
If you have your own marketing budget, solo advertisement can be a very effective way to achieve a substantial email list or drive traffic to your squeeze/lead page.

Finding Your Solo Advertisement Vendor:
This is by far the most important thing that you have to do. There are some Solo advertising companies out there that show you a lot of pages or sites that they have but for the most part not effective. The warrior forum is a great place to search for solo ad companies as well as use Google to do you're searching for whatever your niche may be. When you use Google, you can be a little more granular by adding for example: "Solo advertising"+ Network Marketing. They should pull up Solo ad companies that have network marketing in their description.

EzineArticles is another way of finding reputable vendors because most of the authors have already did a review and know something about the Solo Ads companies being reviewed.

Getting People to Opt in:
Free is always a beautiful price for anyone, and I'll tell you, offering free e-books or something else that is geared toward your targeted customers is definitely the way to have people opt into your offer. Remember, we really want to concentrate on building leads at this point and anything you could do that will offer quality content at a price of free will work.

Never purchase a list that's based on spamming. We get so much email these days it's pathetic and most people just complain about being spammed. I know what I do when someone puts a "RE:" in the subject box to try to make me believe that I sent a message to them when in fact I know I didn't. I just hit the delete button and the same applies for spammed messages.
So the point here is don't purchase a spammed list because it will only cost you money to have it deleted.

Subscription Opt Out:
Every mailing list has opt outs regardless. Some people only want what you have to offer for free and nothing more. However, there will be still a substantial number of people that will not opt out of your list unless of course, there's nothing to offer. When you have a targeted list of people that are interested in your offer, it usually pretty difficult to diminish your list beyond a certain capacity. Again, always offer quality advice and content as well as freebies. Think of it as if you were on the list; what would you like to receive?

Affiliate Program:
A lot of times you will be sending out freebies that the customer downloads right away and if they are interested in another products or services you have to offer, these may come at a price. However, even if you do not have a product, you can always offer someone else's product of quality. Simply put, you can sign up for an affiliate program where you will receive a commission of what you are offering. This way, even if you have nothing to offer, someone else has something and you can make some money from it.

Tracking Your Ads:
Tracking Solo Advertising is extremely important and a necessity. The problem I found out especially if you're on a budget, is that every ad tracking company want some money. Usually these tracking link companies want a monthly subscription and if you get the free plan, those links usually expire.

There is a company called Tiny URL that originally I was going to use but found that some of those links were not working properly. Now, some people have had extremely good experience using Tiny URL but I found that "Google's Link Shortener" is a better way to go. Not only that Google gives you your click counts, graph, referrers, platforms and browsers as well. Definitely a win-win for the beginner and it has an interesting price tag; it's free.

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