How To Keep Your Emails Out of Spam Folder

Published by Randy Sult — 08-22-2019 01:08:56 PM

Let’s be honest...You can NEVER completely stop your emails from ending up in spam folders.  

Here’s why...since most people like to use free email provider services (gmail, yahoo, etc) rather than paying for something, they get to decide for the user what emails end up in the inbox and what ends up in spam. 

You see... email providers pay attention to what people do with their emails. If people get a whole bunch of emails that sit around in their inbox and never get opened or they get deleted and sent to the trash folder without opening them...then they’re going to assume that you don’t like those emails and eventually those same emails will end up in your spam folder. So there’s always going to be a certain level of emails that end up in the spam folder.

There are, however, things that you can do as a marketer to reduce the chances that your emails will end up in people‘s spam folder. Here are three things that you can do:

  • DO NOT copy and paste email swipes. Quit sending out the exact same content that every other marketer is using. Instead, write your own stuff. You’re probably much more creative than you give yourself credit for. 
  • Interact with your list daily. Don’t just send one email and then wait a week and then send another email and wait a week. Write some broadcast emails and actually interact with your subscribers. Send them content that they will actually open. Give them something besides “hey look at my link and click here”. No one wants to read crap like that.
  • Quit getting subscribers from junk traffic. In other words, cheap or almost free traffic sources will provide you with people who are nothing more than opportunity seekers and probably will never open your emails after the very first one that they get.

If you follow these three simple things and you’ll drastically increase the open rate of your emails. 

One last thing to do is to make sure you have a reputable and professional autoresponder service. Yes… this does cost money. The good thing is you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg. 

I have been marketing online for over 10 years and I have tried almost every auto responder service out there. I can tell you from experience the reputable ones are pretty much all the same as far as deliverability. The difference is features and cost. 

My recommendation and, in my professional opinion, the absolute best balance as far as hitting the inbox and features and cost is Send Shark. 

Sorry Aweber and Get Response.  I like your features but your just not worth a car payment for my list. I get a much better deal (and better affiliate commissions) from Send Shark. So if your hunting for a good autoresponder that any marketer can afford check it out here:

So bottom line is the best thing you can do to increase your open rates and to keep your emails from ending up in the spam folder is to follow those steps above. 

Talk your success!!

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