Buy, Unsubscribe, Or Die

Published by Randy Sult — 11-04-2019 11:11:17 AM

Below is an actual email that I sent to my subscriber list.

YES... I used that subject line

YES...I broadcasted it to EVERY subscriber

Because I CARE

Because I provide VALUE

And I wanted to share the same value in blog post and I'll probably make a video too.  

So please enjoy and take value...

If you want to get on my list.... CLICK HERE

The SECRET to email marketing success is the same as with almost any endeavor. 

#1 Be Consistent - Email your subscribers daily. That’s in addition to any automated

series you have set up through your autoresponder. Yes a nice welcome series to

remind people why they joined your list is good but the real purpose of having an email

list is so that you can communicate with them. They are your customers. They asked

to receive emails from you so why are you ignoring them?  

#2 Provide Value - Like this:  CLICK HERE FOR SOME VALUE

Believe me, that’s a VERY valuable opportunity there and I wouldn’t be sharing it otherwise. 

Seriously... the reason you’re on this list is because you wanted to make money online. 

This is how it’s done. 

#3 Remind Them How To Unsubscribe - Besides the link at the bottom of this email

I like to remind people that while you did request to be on this list that I’m perfectly cool

with it if you want to unsubscribe. In fact I would prefer that you do just that if you’re just

not interested or you don’t have time to open and read my emails. Because this way

you’ll be helping others actually receive the value and opportunities that we provide.

I get marketing and entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone and if it’s not for you...

then please unsubscribe

And finally…

#4 Enjoy This Until You Die - As long as I am providing YOU, my wonderful subscriber,

with consistent value, you will remain on my list and buy and follow and grow your own

business to new heights and success for your entire life until the day you die.

So now you get the headline?

I LOVE every one of my loyal subscribers and I truly want you to succeed…

That’s why it’s imperative that you take a look at this right here——>>>>> CLICK HERE 

Watch that long video on the other side and truly take the time to consider it…

I think you’ll see how it could change EVERYTHING about your online success.

Talk later,

Randy Sult

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