Would you flush $5000 down the toilet?

Published by Jose Coba — 04-13-2021 04:04:26 PM

Let's suppose your friend tells you he has

one million dollars in the bank. He sounds

rich, right?

But then he tells you that he's ten million

dollars in debt.

Suddenly he's not so rich any more, is he?

And likewise, no matter how much money you

have in the bank, you're not really rich

until you can pull yourself out from under

your debt.

Imagine for a moment if I asked you to give

me $5000 right now so that I could flush it

down the toilet.

Would you do it?

Of course not. If I didn't provide any sort

of benefit to you, there's no way you'd just

Hand over the money.

And yet there are 1,000's of business owners

all around the world who are doing just that

right now...

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To Your Success

Leydi Diana

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