Why Paraiba is so solid. Here’s the big story behind Paraiba

Published by Carlos Almeida — 09-07-2020 08:09:24 AM


Here’s some detailed information about why we are in a very strong position in Paraiba. Sorry it’s long but it will give you confidence when you share out and become a member of this exciting business.

Erich Ely, the owner and founder of Paraiba has been involved in several networks in the past as I understand, has been a millionaire several times, and broke several times. From all his experiences he decided to start his own company because he didn't want to rely on others anymore. He developed the proprietary software (for several hundred thousand Euros), through which the traders are connected to the company's trading accounts. The software is monitoring every trade and closes all trades of a trader, should he reach his maximum drawdown. Because the trader has sent that amount upfront to Erich, he would lose his own money, not the company's.

He started the company in October 2019, building it slowly by organic growth, and has planned long ahead for the expansion of the company according to the investment amount. He has several options for diversification ready. For now, 95% of the funds are in crypto trading, which has been brought great results, even in the bear market and throughout the crises.

He is very accurate and clean in the way he runs the company. Every cent is being put into trading, profits, commissions and company expenses are paid from the earnings only. He has put several safety measures in place in order to prevent anything bad from happening. And he has several lawyers in Germany and the US working for him to keep everything legal.

Erich lives on the countryside, more a simple life, he is not about owning fancy cars or anything like that, and his ambition is to build a long-term business for the middleman, to get out of the hamster-wheel.

Other program owners have observed Paraiba over the past half year and are aiming to bring their downlines in as well, because they see it's working very well. Erich is in negotiations with some at this point. All of those downlines will be placed below you in the streamline once they come on board, so the timing to get in now is perfect!


Paraiba really is for higher amounts and people who think long-term, not for the $100 investor who wants to withdraw every few days tiny amounts - it doesn't make much sense for those people.

I personally also knew, for some time, about the Paraiba Bank they launched, but, back then, didn’t want to say anything but after last webinar they actually announced the Launch of their new Paraiba Bank and we see clearly the proof of licensing etc. What this means is we have total control and not only can members optionally deposit and withdraw via bank transfer globally it also puts Paraiba in a very strong financial position for long term sustainability and you are already locked in to this exciting future with Paraiba.

Thank you for partnering with us.

Carlos Almeida

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