Low Cost Autoresponder With Extra Benefits plus Team Builds!

Published by Carol Walczak — 04-06-2018 05:04:11 AM

Are you (and your target market) looking for a cheaper autoresponder?

Here is one which you might like a lot!


This one comes with EXTRA BENEFITS –

USEFUL TOOLS for all marketers, including website hosting, splash page maker and hosting, PLR, rotator and trackers, and…

a VERY INTERESTING PAY PLAN which ensures that your monthly expense is covered with your first
paid referral,

and gives you a BIG INCENTIVE to promote for your downlines.

(That’s why I put my active downlines in that rotator above. It works for me and it works for them!)

In addition, my downline falls under 2 TEAMS, both of which will help us all to build, and the R4R team even gives you free advertising for life with no minimum requirement!

This might be just the breath of fresh air that you have been looking for.

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