Are You still on that computer?

Published by erik badeaux — 12-28-2017 09:12:33 PM

I wish I had a commission for everytime I heard that.

To become a successful internet marketer there are many, many, many, obstacles to overcome.

First you must find a legit program with good training and good people to help you.A good mentor if your lucky.

If you are currently working and hope to replace your current income then time is another big obstacle.You will need lots of it  in the beginning to learn and get your business and marketing off the ground.

One of the very first things you will learn is you will not have an online business if you can't learn to get traffic to your website.You need leads and lots of them.BUILD THAT LIST!

Now, as all successful internet marketers know, it takes hard work and dedication to learn how to start up an online business,and even more to build it.You Must Have an Autoresponder! I wasted 2 years marketing without one.

You must first believe in yourself and say I will do this no matter what the skeptics and nay-sayers say.I will do this no matter how bleak it looks at times.

When I first told my wife about my quest to do internet marketing she scoffed at me like,Yeah ok whatever.She was not a believer.On top of learning how to start a home based business I had to do it with dagger eyes looking at me from across the room. 

And she has the evilest eye ever! Ha Ha!

Computer Harry she calls me.

Now you can react to this in two ways.

1.Let her get to you and give up.   (I DON'T THINK SO!!)

2.Use her skepticism as fuel for your desire to succeed at your mission!

I chose the latter.

Let me tell you, it feels GOOD when you can FINALLY show her or him some proof that your hard work has paid off.

                                                                       The Ultimate " IN YOUR FACE".

The bottom line is never ever let anyone tell you what you are or are not capable of.

You Can Do This!

I DiD.

Thanks for reading

Erik Badeaux

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