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Hello, My name is clay and I want to tell you a little about me. I am a graduate of Ball State University with a Bachelors degree In general studies I have minors in Cultural Anthropology, History and Computer applications. I presently reside in southwestern Ohio, US. I recently retired from a well known Glass Container company where I worked on the production engineering staff mostly concerned with new methods and ideas. I first became interested in internet marketing after my retirement as a way to earn extra income and occupy my time. Since then I have never looked back. I find it to be challenging, simple to do and not to mention financially rewarding. The keys to success in this business, is to enroll in a good program that is proven to work; follow the steps in the program and of course traffic. With out a good source of traffic you are dead in the water before you have a chance to realize your dreams. If you are interested in internet marketing then get started today Take action now. Sincerely: clay napier PS. I want to wish you the very best success in your endeavor.

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