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I'm happily married baby boomer looking to retire soon. I Love the outdoors. I love going for long walks with my best friend Buster. I love reading. Like doing crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles too. I have been network marketing off and on since 2009. I joined F5M-Millionaires Club in 2010. It is owned by John Kielec. He has been helping people earn online since almost 25 years now. I was active at first promoting and did make some money but then through the years I joined other online marketing businesses but never became successful with them. But I kept coming back to F5M-MC I guess because of the friendly atmosphere and John's honesty and integrity. I stopped hopping around and am still with F5M-MC/DNP/RFA. F5M-MC has expanded and created Daily Net Pay/Revenue from Advertising. Two great advertising platforms that are really helping people make it online. So if your like me and are determined to earn online check out DNP/RFA and after watching the videos you can decide if this is for you or not. http://www.dailynetpay.com/p/dagenais http://www.revenuefromadvertising.com/?dagenais

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