Lecture 3 – Digital Products Arbitrage

Published by Daniel Theiler — 09-18-2018 11:09:08 AM

Hey there people, Daniel right here. Invite back to our next lecture from our course “complimentary ways to earn money online with Arbitrage”. We have talked about until now physical items arbitrage all right, how you can leverage various online marketplaces; buy an item from place for a less costly cost, offer it on one more market for a higher cost and making a profit margin. Right now we are entering an entirely various direction as in just what we are offering, we are opting for digital products, we are missing the partly physical products in this lecture.
So this is one more method of doing arbitrage online in my opinion or allow’s say in my preference, this one is the most effective since when you have electronic products everything is a lot more easier alright, you do not need to deliver anything you do not need to see if your item has in fact reached your consumer as well as other things like that since whatever is electronic, you can send it via the Web; it’s really far more simpler in my viewpoint but both of the business models are really profitable, this is just an additional means for those of you who prefer to offer electronic items fine, that choose to do arbitrage with digital items.

Currently, allow’s see specifically just what this digital items arbitrage is everything about, so let’s dive into the information. Currently will certainly speak as I’ve discussed previously about leveraging electronic products marketplaces since exactly like we have products, physical products marketplaces, we additionally have electronic items markets and for our instances right here, yet we have different sorts of digital products markets, we will utilize Fiverr. as well as Seoclerk.com which are two on the internet marketplaces for digital solutions like social media accounts administration, logo style alright, obtaining website traffic to a video clip and also other sorts of solutions like that. So, just what you should do is practically., the first step, the very first point that you need to take into consideration is the fact that you can and you will utilize mini work markets and various other electronic items marketplaces.

So as I pointed out previously, we have Fiverr as well as we have SEOclerks and I will show you in a number of minutes exactly the best ways to use them all right, just how you could take advantage of here and also do arbitrage in this markets. Currently, you can offer either electronic products like styles, digital books, logos all right, marketing videos or you could offer solutions like social media accounts management fine, like I’ve mentioned before as an example, monthly solution of managing your Facebook page or regular monthly solution of managing your Instagram account or month-to-month solution of handling your YouTube account fine, these are simply a few examples of how you could do that.

Currently, here is an instance, you could use for instance SEOclerks.com to find mini work that are only $1 as well as can be offered on Fiverr for $5. You intend to succeed from this,
you will just make $4 but if you have 5 or six jobs like this as well as each of them offer is like two or three times each day, you make the mathematics and see precisely just how much money you make, but you make at least $45, $40 each day which is a respectable amount alright. You can utilize Fiverr to locate individuals that are producing styles for instance or portrait fine, for only $5 and also afterwards offer them on Etsy which is the market area for physical item, customized item, handmade product yet they also claimed like a styles as well as other points like that and also you could locate on Fiverr a person, a seller that creates an electronic design for only $5 as well as offer them after that on Etsy for $20, so make a profit of $15 okay, that has to do with $15.

Just what else could you do, you could go on Fiverr, work out with some sellers that you locate there for instance developers for logo design styles or marketing video makers and also you could develop an account on consultant markets like Freelancer.com or upward.com okay, and almost you can sell those solutions there for a greater cost as well as on the various other hand you could practically get those type of solutions from Fiverr from the individual that you located and does a great job and virtually you will certainly make from this distinction of rates on freelancer as well as on Fiverr, fine. So this is another instance of how you can use this. Once again you could discover terrific logo design designers on Fiverr and also sale logo design solutions for Freelance or other systems, exactly business version that I have actually mentioned to you a few seconds ago.

Currently, allow me reveal you precisely just how you can make use of SEOclerks as well as Fiverr since I simply provided you that instance, allow us go in the browser. Okay, so we have below SEOclerks and also we have here Fiverr. Currently if we go for instance and also YouTube sights on Fiverr, we will look for YouTube make use of all right. We will certainly find here a lot of sellers for YouTube consider as you can see right here, testimonials, they’ve obtained some reviews not numerous however they obtained some evaluations, let’s see average consumer review. And also as an example for this set, we have 4K testimonials, that’s impressive alright, that’s definitely wonderful. For this one, we have 956. Okay, for this advertise and rate YouTube video clip, we have 1K and so on all right. So we have various types of marketing jobs right here all right and also exactly what we are searching for today., for example, this matters for us, 5000 YouTube sights fine, for only $5. We most likely to SEOclerks.com and right here we could look for YouTube views fine; and also we push the button search; and also we are waiting a little; and let’s see.

So, we have fine, 10,000 YouTube views for only $3, so if you are marketing this solution we will earn a profit of $2. Now, allow’s see exactly what various other choices we have 1000 to1500 for just $1. 5000 for $5 alright, we have the exact same price below this one is really very good, 7000 plus YouTube sights for only $2. Right here, we are really making a few dollars in earnings and here is one that is great, five thousand YouTube sights non declines high retention for just $1 so this is
definitely fantastic people, you’ll make $4 in revenue. If you market like four similar to this daily on Fiverr all right, you will certainly make about $16 – $17 just like that okay, just by making a order like that extremely easy alright; simply by marketing the solution that’s here for $1 on Fiverr for $5 as well as you do not actually need to do anything fine, simply take the order and pass it on which’s it.

So this is a very good instance guys, so after you acquire., after you virtually see which ad offerings here for this type of solutions, you can go below on Fiverr and you produce a vendor account, you just have to log in with Facebook, after that you will certainly have right here a choice of selling as well as you could most likely to develop right here a gig because this is exactly what you should produce, you go as well as press produce a job and you produce the gig below, I will certainly obtain you 5000 YouTube views at only $5 all right and so on. Then you understand, you key in the summary, every little thing that you need to type in and then you start to market which’s it men alright, very simple. You will choose all the steps that you see here, I will not opt for all them today in this video because it’s not the function of this video however I simply went into right here to reveal as an example and then you publish the gig and also begin selling and also begin benefiting very simple individuals all right, really simple and also I am anticipating see your success with this.
Thanks quite individuals for your focus, I wish this was valuable, I am anticipating hear your feedback about this and also see your success with this service version, with digital items arbitrage as well as I am waiting to see you in our following talks.

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