Lecture 5 – How To Use Etsy And Storenvy

Published by Daniel Theiler — 09-23-2018 10:09:16 AM

Hello guys, Daniel here. Welcome back to our next lecture from our class “free ways to make money online with Arbitrage”. We have talked about, up to this point, arbitrage the general definition of arbitrage, an introduction to physical products arbitrage how we can do it, how we can leverage different online marketplaces which are the options that we have, which is the process that we need to go through in order to start selling online and making profits from physical products arbitrage.

And Now, we will go a little bit in a different direction also with physical products arbitrage but we will use a different type of marketplaces and we will talk about that in a minute, let me just change the slide for you. S

So, we’ll talk about leveraging platforms like Fiverr or Etsy or Storenvy. Now, for those of you who don’t know what Fiverr is, it’s an online marketplace for freelancers or other product or service designers or merchants that are practically selling their services or products for as low as $5. So everything that you will find out that Fiverr product services, everything starts from only $5. Now, on Etsy and on storenvy.com, there are a lot of sellers and people that are looking for products which are handmade or personalized or other things like that, what we will leverage in this case is the designers that we find on Fiverr for example or the creators of let’s say homemade earrings and we would practically sell them on Etsy for a higher price because on Etsy, one of the, let’s say hot products at this moment is anything related to homemade products okay. So practically, we can find a supplier of homemade earrings on Fiverr which sells them for only 5 bucks and after that post them on Etsy for let’s say for 25 or 40bucks okay and our profit will be that margin of $20 or $25; it’s the same thing for storenvy.com.

So which are the steps that you need to follow in order to start doing arbitrage on this model okay, by following this model. First of all, you need to create your account as a buyer on Fiverr or on other platforms which are offering services similar to Fiverr because there are other platforms like that out there, you can search for them on Google but Fiverr is the biggest one and the most trustable in my opinion.

Now, after you do that, you go and create a seller account on Etsy.com and storenvy.com, it depends on which one of them you want to sell your products but if you would be for me, I would start with etsy.com and I will show you in a couple of seconds how you can actually do that. After that, you need to know that you will sell mostly handmade and personalized products because this is the niche for Etsy.com, like handmade earrings, the example that I just gave you before and personalized mugs. Identify your purpose here okay, from the beginning in order to profit from this is to identify top selling products on Etsy.com and storenvy.com and find a good supplier for them at a cheaper price on Fiverr.com.

Now, let me show you an example of how we can do that right away okay, just wait with me a couple of seconds, so we can go to our browser okay. So right now, we are on Fiverr.com as you can see here in my browser and here we are on Etsy.com which is the platform where you will sell your services. So if you go to Fiverr.com and for example we look for personalized mug, okay, we are searching for that; we will find some things here okay. I will make personalized monogrammed marks, I’ll make you a personalized mark for example okay, so this is an example.

Now, let’s see how much this cost okay, ordering process, custom mug specs okay, so add your item, file types okay, so here is a gig for personalized mugs. Now, what we will do right now, this is only $5 okay, so I will make a personalized mug for only $5. You go to Etsy.com, search for personalized mugs, press search and here we go. So if you take a look here, the cheapest one is $14, so even if you go for the cheapest price you will still make around $8 profit which is more than two hundred percent. Then we have other other products $49, $18, $14, $27. These are two, $8 again, but this one is very simple. Even for this one you make a profit, you make $3, $16 but each of these products sell guys, that’s what’s important, so this is one of the examples.

Now, what you can also do for example, we talked about homemade earrings, earrings, let’s see if we find them here (I don’t think I’ve written well), okay I don’t find a home made earrings, let’s see if I find them like this, yeah, so I’ll make your cute ear cuff; so I’ll make a pair of cute angel earring. So here we have examples of different types of earrings; how will make wire wrapped earrings gem crystals, I will make elegant copper wire wrap earrings. This one are actually pretty cool okay, and let’s see elegant copper wire wrap earrings. 

You take the key phrase, we paste it to Etsy.com and let’s see for how much are they selling. So here, you can see that it creates them for, the seller creates them and sells them for only $5 and here we have them at $45, $15, the cheapest, the simplest model of them all but all of those that also have semiprecious stones or other things like that are going well past over $25 as you can see okay. So here you can make a return on investment of over 400, even 500 percent which is actually pretty cool, so you buy for something for $5 and you sell it for $45 and you make a $40 profit like that even if you sell for free pairs like this per day, it’s actually a great business and lucrative business model guys.

So this is how it’s done, after you find here your seller, you negotiate with the seller okay, you talk to the seller, ask him all the conditions and all you need to know about the products, how does the shipment.., it’s made okay? How does.., if it takes any money okay, how much money is the shipment? In what countries does the seller ship and so on and after you have everything figured out, you can go on Etsy.com, you go to sell an Etsy, create your account and after that create your listing with earrings or the mugs or whatever you want to sell here.

Okay guys, thank you very much for your attention, I hope this was helpful for you and I’m looking forward to see you in our next video.

Bye bye till then, Daniel

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