Lecture 6 - Working On Ebay Top Tips

Published by Daniel Theiler — 10-02-2018 10:10:07 AM

Hello guys, Daniel here. Welcome back to our next lecture from this class “free ways to make money online with arbitrage”. We have talked about physical products arbitrage, we had an introduction into arbitrage, we have talked about how to leverage your different online marketplaces which is the process that you should go through in order to start to make sales and profits and actually get this type of business going, and right now I want to give out some some tips okay, for using eBay as an online marketplace as an online seller because probably you will start with eBay.com, this type of business and you should know these things when you start out because it will help you to maximize your results and actually get results as fast as you possibly can. So let's dive into the actual information.

So tips for eBay sellers, the first tip would be start with low priced products that sell fast, so you can build a good reputation and increase your seller limits. You will see that you have when you start out on eBay, you will have some seller limit and practically want
to increase those limits from month to month so you can list more products in your online store and you can start to sell more at a higher value okay.

But first of all in order to get you going and get some attraction with your eBay store to say so, you need to find very low priced products but I wouldn't recommend you under $10 or even under $20 okay, but to be lower priced products, so you can sell them fast okay, you need to have cash flow very fast. When you start, you can sell products in total value of maximum $500, so this is in direct relationship with what we have talked earlier okay. So go for the products ranged anywhere between $20 and $50 okay, because if you go for example for a product that it's less than $10 or $15, your profit margin will be very small and actually you will make very little money on that product okay .

Be sure that you can add a margin of at least 40% to sell a product so you can actually earn money. Why is that? Because you will have some eBay fees for each product that you least okay, that you need to pay to eBay for listing your product and selling that product into their marketplace. You will also have transportation or shipping for some of them and 40% practically margin.., profit margin, you can make money, pay your fees and pay your taxes and still have a very good profit, net profit okay; that is the thing that is of interest for you because you are actually building business, you want to earn money from this. So do not go for less than 40%.

Now, other tips - always check your rating status, it’s very important to obtain and maintain a top seller status, you will see and I will show you an example okay, in our next video that the people who actually have stores that are rated as top sellers will even be able to sell a product at a higher price point than everybody else. Why? Because just by the fact of being a top seller, they will build much more credibility in front of potential customers, people who will look at them with trust and they will be much more likely to buy from that top seller than from unusual seller which has maybe a reputation that's not as good as the top sellers reputation okay.

If you have done everything right from your first month and sold up to your seller limits, so you’ll have passed that $500 practically turnover point. You can ask for the seller increase directly to eBay; you can even call to them, you can tell them okay, look I have passed my limits, I'm okay with orders, can you please check out and increase my limits because I want to add new products and I want to sell more because it's also in their interest for their sellers to be able to sell more because that's how they earn money okay, from the fees that they get on the listings and on the product sales okay.

So keep all these tips in mind guys, apply them and you will get very good results with them. Thank you very much for your attention, bye bye for now and I'm looking forward to our next post.

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