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Published by Dan Watson — 03-16-2023 12:03:41 PM

What is a cryptocurency faucet? It’s a website, much like Cointiply, that pays out cryptocurrency whenever you make a claim, or in this specific case, a free random roll. If you happen to roll a prime number, they will even give you a bonus. You can also earn another bonus for logging in and spinning the faucet every single day. Refer your friends and get 25% of what they earn from the faucet for life!

Cointiply also has some of the best offers in the industry. With these services, you can earn Coins for visiting webpages, watching videos, taking surveys, installing apps, and much, much more. Visit the offerwalls for yourself and see all of the things you can do.

Refer your friends and earn 10% of what they earn from the offerwalls for life!

Sign up now! You don’t even need a Bitocoin address to sign up. You can add it when you cash out.

Cointiply is definitely one of the highest paying faucets and offerwalls. They have a great support team, a high-paying referral program, browser mining, and many new features in development.  They have lots of innovative features that make Cointiply fun and profitable for the members, and they are even consistently in FaucetHub's Top Ten!

Cointiply Faucet

Spin the Cointiply faucet every hour and earn Coins in a faucet customized for each user. Our faucet isn't weighted, either—you really can win every prize, and we've already had ten winners of our Jackpot (up to 100,000 Coins!).


This bitcoin faucet or actually, any cryptocurrency faucet online, is simply just a reward system. This is usually in the form of a website or app, that gives you rewards in the form cryptocurerncy in a very small denomination. This is usually in exchange for visitors to claim for completing a captcha or task as described by the website. Cointiply is one of the lesser known faucets. However, it works smoothly and flawlessly and with a great user interface.

About Cointiply

Cointiply happens to be one of the highest paying bitcoin faucets in the market today. A user has the ability to claim tokens, which can be converted either into Bitcoin or Dogecoin when you are ready to withdraw. Unlike most faucets, Cointiply has a great advantage in that their advertisements aren't out of control and much too annoying.

Reaching the withdrawal minimum cap in Cointiply takes some time, but their claims give much higher rewards than their contemporaries. Users can withdraw directly to their wallet at 50,000 coins or to Faucet hub wallet at 35,000 coins.

How To Make The Withdrawal?

They currently payout with direct Bitcoin deposits, direct DOGE deposits and via FaucetHub. All that you have to do to make a withdrawal is to go to withdrawal page and create a new withdrawal. After the withdrawal has been submitted, the status can be viewed on the payment page.

Each of these withdraw requests take about 24-48 hours to be processed and completed. They post the blockchain transactionID for each payout in the user’s account details. Instant withdrawals can also be done from FaucetHub withdrawal.

There are no transaction fees on the platform as Cointiply covers all the transactional expenses on the customer’s behalf. This is huge and a big advantage when dealing with smaller amounts of crypto where fees can eat up almost your entire profit margin.

Advantages Of Cointiply

  • High payouts: With Cointiply a user can claim payout with multiplier up to 2x.
  • Loyalty bonus: They value their loyal customers and reward them with bonuses up to 150%.
  • Multiple earning options: There are various ways to make bitcoins. You can play arcade games, watch videos or fill surveys amongst other activities.
  • Offer walls: There are hundreds of offers on their wall to choose from. Users can choose as per their requirement.
  • Feature rich dashboard: Their dashboard has some neat features like activity log, settings, payout graph and support.

How Can You Earn Through Cointiply?

  • Users can earn up to 100,000 coins with every spin. Users get a loyalty bonus of 1% per day up to 100% for everyday they make a claim coupled with earning potential of up to 25% lifetime referral commissions. They also earn bonuses when they roll a prime number.
  • Bitcoins can be earned for doing tasks. There are hundreds of offers to choose from on the offer walls. Users can watch short videos, complete short surveys or install mobile applications to receive payments.
  • Bitcoins can also be earned for playing games. Multiple high quality games with both mobile and desktop support are available to be played which rewards in Bitcoins for in-game activity.

Win FREE Bitcoins Every Hour

Earn up to 100,000 coins with every spin.
Loyalty bonus of 1% per day up to 100% for every day you make a claim.
Earn up to 25% lifetime referral commissions.
Earn a bonus when you roll a prime number.

Earn Bitcoins for Doing Tasks

Hundreds of offers to choose from on our offer walls.
Watch short videos and earn Bitcoin.
Complete short surveys for huge Bitcoin rewards.
Install mobile apps and receive Bitcoins.

Earn Bitcoins for Playing Games

Choose from any of our high quality games.
Get rewarded in Bitcoins for your in-game activity.
Games work on mobile & desktop.

The Cointiplier: Check out our Cointiplier feature, too, which makes your faucet payouts higher just by earning Coins on the rest of our site. Everyone's Cointiplier starts out at 1.5, and you can bump it up to 2 to earn higher Faucet payouts.

Plus, we pay a bonus when you roll a prime number, and we even have a loyalty bonus for spinning the faucet every day.

Cointiply Conclusion

With over 50,000 people using the platform, about two and a half million faucet spins, more than three quarters of a million offers and about 400K games played, Cointiply is starting to gain traction to become one of the biggest faucet based platforms in the industry!

To get more information about Cointiply or bitcoin faucets in general, you can visit their website . There is no requirement for a bitcoin address to sign up and can be added when you are cashing out. You can join Cointiply for FREE by clicking the banner below or you can see how it fits into our entire overall strategy.


You can find the video walkthrough I did for these strategies by clicking HERE

That is what will honestly get you that financial freedom you desire. Multiple sources of income all coming in on autopilot. This really allows you the ability to start any new venture you want while simultaneously getting it profitable at a much faster rate. If you are ready to get started, simply click the banner below and register or log in to get started collecting FREE cryptocurrency right now!

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