Bernie (meme) wants you to do it

Published by David Gardner — 01-23-2021 11:01:49 AM

I have been near tears in some cases this week with the Bernie memes that came out after the US Presidential Election that took place on Wednesday.

So of course you have to strike while it's hot right!!!

Bernie and the TOP Leaders of Now Lifestyle want you to TAKE ACTION!

Now while Bernie was not down in Cabo San Lucas Mexico a few years ago with top leaders like Richard Weberg (with his wife April in the picture)... was taking massive action that got me to be able to attend that trip and others like it.

Just like when I was able to go to Kenya with Russell Brunson (Dot Com Secrets/Click Funnels) as this image shows

In both (and all) cases each time I saw success it was when I took action.

Not just sitting on the sidelines but being pro-active.

*Connecting with people

*Driving traffic organically/paid

*Following up with emails (automated and live)

*Being active in the groups

Think about professional athletes for example...they have to continue to practice and put the effort in many days a week before their competition.  Otherwise they would get out of shape and likely risk injury.

In business it is the same thing.

You have to keep your edge up and stay in the game to win.

Not playing...don't expect to see results.

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Let's do this!

Dave Gardner

PS Bernie wants you to do it!!!

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