Snow Day Crypto

Published by David Gardner — 02-02-2021 04:02:27 PM

In case you forgot I am a full time HS Science teacher (Chemistry, Food Science, Biology etc.) and today we had a snow day due to storm that came up the East Coast of the USA!

This was perfect as I had recently got my copy of Crypto Revolution on Sunday afternoon in the mail and have been tearing into it and finished it!

Messy hair don't care lol!

This book goes into the history of crypto currency, blockchain, coins/altcoins and what big companies are even getting in on this "wild west" territory as some still refer to it, though it has been around for over 10 years now and is NOT going anywhere but up.

Back in 2017 I purchased my first Bitcoin and got scammed out of it...That was nearly $2300 at that point gone into air because of my own ignorance...that same coin today would be worth well over $35K.

Talk about a painful lesson of what could have been!

But this is not as bad as some who have lost millions because they did not save their passwords or keys the right way and Crypto Revolution shares some key aspects of how you need to go about doing this to protect yourself.

Why Crypto?

Think about money for a minute...even if you do things with online banking, buying on Amazon or eBay or ordering from your favorite store it is likely all digital anyway, but there is no room for growth as the government keeps adding (printing) more of it at will so it is apparently unlimited and thus when supply goes up, demand goes down.

Crypto on the other hand is the opposite.  There is a finite number of coins available and thus as supply goes down, demand and therefor price go up.

Now I am in no way a financial advisor and make no claims you will see success with cypto but the writing is on the wall in what this has done to businesses worldwide.

People around the globe can instantly do a job for you with payment through digital currency and they can then use that currency for purchasing something else in their own country.

No need for a middle man, lags in time getting funds, excess fees and the lack of the right currency as exchanges solve this problem.

There are websites that are like Fiverr popping up and I have actually created "jobs"...or as they call them Tasks in the newest one backed by the Electroneum Coin at

For example here are some of my tasks that you can pay with a credit card in your home country and I get paid by receiving Electroneum which is considered an "alt-coin" or alternative coin to the grandfather of coins, the Bitcoin.

  1. Memes: I will make 10 memes for you
  2. The Execution Factor digital Book and Audio
  3. 50 Content Rich PLR Books/Websites/Graphics
  4. Riding With Gurus: Mike Filsaime Mastermind Book
  5. 150 Pre-written MLM emails
  6. Digital Cover Creation
  7. More to come as I keep adding them

Currently there are people around the world adding other projects to this platform so be sure to come check it out and support those digital creators (like myself obviously lol!)

Ok, so here is the deal...While I appreciate your business above I want YOU to benefit in what is going on in the world and will continue to grow for many years to come.

That is why if you have not already I want to you buy your first crypto today.  Keep in mind you do not have to buy a full/whole Bitcoin/Ethereum/Litecoin or similar and can buy partial...the system will calculate it for you based on how much you want to invest.

For example if you click in you are paying $100 USD (The mininum to get the bonus of the $10 crypto which is 10% free) then it could pull up something like 0.0028BTC.

Again, it is possible to hold fractions of a do not need to go all in, but better to start now if you have some funds you are willing to invest not, I repeat do not sell off major things to get in the it as comfortably as you can and when you can.

Even with regular investing in things like stocks and mutual funds you want to go in and be continuous over time with what they refer to as dollar cost averaging.  Somedays you can buy more for the same amount you paid the first time and sometimes you can buy less as the markets fluctuate and go up and down.

Overall you are averaging what you spend per share.

Again I am not the expert so please do your due diligence here, though in the mean time come set up your Coinbase account.

It does not cost anything to set up the account...Only when you deposit funds into will you then be required to submit funds.

Set up your own Coinbase account and get $10 in Free Bitcoin (BTC) when you buy or sell $100 of Crypto (any of those available through Coinbase like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and others to choose from)

Once you have that done and if you do purchase that minimum amount of $100 of crypto of your choice you will also want to make sure you follow the proper steps and set up your coinbase wallet as well which is where you will store your crypto and also provides another heightened series of security measures.

NOTE: Along the process...Be sure to WRITE IT ALL DOWN.


Write down on a paper your username/passwords, personal ID codes/12 word secret code and phrases and put them in a safe because if you lose those details you will not be able to access the funds or account again.

I say this not to freak you out but to make you aware of how things work with cypto.

Let's do this!

Dave Gardner

PS When you join Coinbase and earn your bonus $10...I will also get $10 too which is cool and something you can also earn when you share it with other people.

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