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Published by David Gardner — 09-23-2022 05:09:34 PM

Memory Place continues to grow...Last night alone there were hundreds of new events created by existing and brand new members.  It's one of the easiest pieces of software to use and duplicate with others, that the company who created it has come out with and I have been with them since 2009!

Yes I have been using the parent companies products since 2009 and while many of their products focus on business owners and entrepreneurial minded folks, this one expands the market of potential customers.

Obviously in certain markets you need to really pin point your targeted customers.

For example as a lacrosse coach and someone who sells lacrosse related books, training materials and more it would be a complete waste of my time to show up at a baseball tournament.

That is the total wrong market!

Memory Place is completely different.

Whether I am at a baseball tournament or a lacrosse tournament there will be people there taking pictures and videos of the game, the players, friends, food and more.  

Face it, people are addicted to their phones and sharing stuff (I admit I am in that group to an extent) like pictures.  Heck I just shared a post today about my oldest daughter who graduated from college TWO years early!!!

People love to look at pictures and watch videos, especially when they might have missed an event or want to relive it if they didn't get that same clip but their friend or family member did.

Memory place is super easy that even your grandma can do it...Assuming she has a smartphone or computer to scan a QR code or click a button, then upload a picture or video.

Whether you are using it for your own personal events like weddings, graduation parties, vacations (See my BONUS below), family reunions, sporting events, concerts and more or are setting up event albums for someone else's event, Memory Place is simple.

Once your event is live it become an easy place for all to see the memories collected and contributed by others where they could then download that content to print for themselves or use as they see fit.

With Memory Place you can basically buy it and try it as there is always 30 days to check it out and if it's not for you, then just put in a no questions asked support ticket and they will take care of you.


If you wanted to do events and also share the tools with others just like I am doing here and earn a commission when someone you refer becomes a customer, just be sure to upgrade inside to the reseller option!

Either way I want to hook you up for joining me, so I put together a bonus offer on my blog that you can see here:

Just head over the the blog now and see what bonuses are in store which include a paid vacation stay and more.

Feel free to just scan the QR code above to go right to Memory Place and Join and then take a look at the bonuses later.

You know...ready, fire, aim!

Sometimes there never is a good or perfect time and you just have to jump in and make things happen.

Let's do this!

Dave Gardner

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Teacher/coach/Entrepreneur building his business in the health/fitness and marketing niches. Dave is a single dad of 3 kids, a returned Peace Corps Volunteer, science teacher and a leader in internet marketing. He has been published in a few books in the marketing and lacrosse niches.