Memory Place Bonus details explained!

Published by David Gardner — 09-25-2022 07:09:59 PM

Yesterday I mentioned I am having a Memory Place Bonus for those who become customers and/or resellers through my link and I wanted to go a little further in depth with that to explain what you get.

This video explains it all for you!

Or you can instead just see the same video and each bonus again on the blog here:

Either way they are some kick butt items to have as you start using Memory Place that include but are not limited to:

  • Email templates and swipe copy
  • Coaching
  • A Vacation stay!
  • Lifetime clicks to YOUR affiliate link in my rotator!

Memory place is super easy to use and let's face it...People love seeing themselves in videos and picture so sharing them is easy at events where people can be able to see everything that the attendees shared.

At least come check it out and make an informed decision yourself (I also share a quick run through of the software as well in the video)

Let's do this!

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