Never lose a picture again at Holiday time...but lose something else instead!

Published by David Gardner — 11-23-2022 02:11:15 PM

Two things for you today before I head out and sample the new winter warmer at the local brewery by me.

Memory Place

As we enter the holiday season I am pretty sure it's safe to bet that you might be getting together with friends and family and will likely also be in a picture or two...

...or maybe even a video clip.

But before you say your goodbyes and lose out on seeing that picture or getting a copy for yourself you should check out Memory Place and set up an event for your next gathering.

You can try it out for no cost there and see what it is all about.

Recently I set up an event for my daughters volleyball team and the parents loved it and even one of the dads then later took many of the pics and created an end of the season video for the banquet.

That's just one of the ways that Memory Place can be beneficial for people using it.

You could also use it to collect images for businesses that will be used for promotions and social media.

Now Body

With all of those family gatherings and overeating, often comes some unwelcome extra winter weight pounds.  While we don't want you to lose out on any pictures, we surely want you to lose out on some extra weight this winter with some easy workouts (7 minutes) and some great supplements like fiber and protein!

I have been follow the CEO and creator of both of these programs for many years now and as a body builder he knows a thing or two about fitness and has shared it all with you here in the Now Body fitness program

Right now you can take action on the LIFETIME offer and get workouts geared to either men or woman

Just choose Coach Yev or Coach Joel on the page to see what fits best with you.

Whether you choose to do one or both of these things I highly recommend you take some action either way as they are both great programs to help people and their families.

Let's do this!

Dave Gardner

PS Working out is a great way to help justify that extra piece of pie tomorrow and the Now Body system will help you on the way for that while the Memory Place will help you share that extra funny picture of grandpa passed out on the couch after dinner with the family!

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