Dumbest Thing Ever!

Published by David Gardner — 01-19-2023 05:01:59 PM

I hope you are not like me and committing the dumbest move ever?

Well, I mean the dumbest move ever that I made when I first started out trying to build something called a business online.

You see I would be in various places online from social media to safelist rooms and more and I was trying to promote some contests, courses, training, software or similar and I would make some nice sales.

But it was one and done often...Sometimes I would get lucky and it would be for a recurring revenue type deal but there was something missing.

Something wrong!

Something just dumb!

You see I was in places and doing things that resulted in sales but those people buying were not even my real leads.

They were NOT on my own personal lists.

I got lucky in some cases, but it was through stupidity in the process.

I should have been promoting something that placed that person on my own personal email list first...then over time or on the back end promoting them something that would be considered valuable to them.

Take this message for example...you are either already on my list or when you click this link you have a chance to get on a separate list of mine (that's called segmentation) where I can continue to follow up with you on a product or service.

I make it a general rule that I usually only promote something if I own it and/or personally use it so feel free to ask me any questions about anything I promote.

Without a doubt, building a list can be one of the most important...and smartest things you can do in terms of your business growth potential.

While there are many ways to build from and include both free/organic or paid methods, wouldn't it be even better if there was a way to get leads from the efforts of others?

No, I am not just talking about word of mouth here, I am talking about other people creating content or paying for their own traffic to get leads and you get to share the results.

That is powerful!

Right now there is such a software called List Elevate that can help you do that!

Not only can you earn leads from the efforts of others but you can also earn 200% commissions when you tell others about it and they joined (it's less than $10/month which is insane when it comes to business tools needed to build online)

Just click this link and start to see for yourself how this works:


Let's do this!

Dave Gardner

PS I have gotten a lot smarter and always try to send people to something that results in a lead for me as I can then later follow up on them not only on the recommended product at that moment but also other recommended products over time.

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