Heck...I can't even take my kids to McDonalds for less than $10!

Published by David Gardner — 01-24-2023 05:01:17 PM

Do you ever sit back and think about all the dumb stuff you have to spend money on...or better yet where you spend it!

While fast food might be convenient when you don't like to cook it seems whenever I treat my kids to someplace like Panera or McDonalds I am dropping $30 just to feed us one meal!

While that mean might taste great and satisfy us for a few hours, it does nothing to help the finances or your list blossom...

...Which is List Elevate comes in.

Heck it's less than $10/month to get a full toolset to run a business and is stupid simple in the process.

1) Join with this link: https://listelevate.com/?id=Bighomebusiness

2) Grab your affiliate link which would be the same exact thing you see in #1 above (except change out the usernames)

3) Drive some traffic and tell people about LE!

While traffic can vary depending on where you get it, you can also bootstrap it and do organic traffic like blogging, YouTube videos, social media and more and keep your monthly business expenses low in the beginning.

4) Make a sale and earn 200% commissions (monthly value only) and your account is not only free but you are technically in profit if you didn't have other expenses!

Let's do this!

Dave Gardner

PS As always you have 30 days to come test it out so take some action and eat one less big mac and happy meal this month and grab yourself a viral list building tool. 


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Teacher/coach/Entrepreneur building his business in the health/fitness and marketing niches. Dave is a single dad of 3 kids, a returned Peace Corps Volunteer, science teacher and a leader in internet marketing. He has been published in a few books in the marketing and lacrosse niches.