No sponsoring or purchasing required...and you could still earn with this new program!

Published by David Gardner — 01-28-2023 11:01:51 AM

While you will obviously be able to grow faster if you did sponsor others into a business, this new one that just launched in December 22 has NO requirements to do that.

Nor do they require you to have so much volume purchased monthly!

But their products are dirt cheap compared to others companies I have belonged to and/or researched over the years.

I am talking just above warehouse prices on real health and wellness products (first value is member price/second value is non member retail price)

  • Multivitamins (him/her) ($10/$18)
  • Magnesium ($9/$18)
  • Plant Based protein ($22/$34)
  • Super Greens ($18/$30)
  • Super Reds ($18/$30)
  • CBD Oil (for humans and pets) ($18/$28 and $14/$22 respectively)
  • Coffee ($18/$29)
  • Essential amino acids ($20/$30)
  • Joint and inflammation management ($19/30)
  • Energy booster ($18/$28) 
  • Youth and skin serum ($15/$25)

Think about other companies that might instead charge $60 for a bottle of vitamins or $90-100 for CBD Oil/Face Serum just to fill the pockets of the company and/or higher upline members!

Well that is clearly not the case here.

Especially when it also only costs $9.95/month for membership (and a one time $40 start up affiliate registration fee) which makes this a reachable business model for a greater part of the working population compared to needing thousands of dollars of product purchase or kits to get started like some other companies press on you.

You also have a full 90 day end of the bottle guarantee on all the products!

The business has a forced matrix and thus some spillover can occur but is not guaranteed...especially the later you get in so do your self a favor and come watch this quick video to learn a little bit more from the CEO!

Let's do this!

Dave Gardner

PS This is a new additional income stream I have just added this week and it is on fire and growing rapidly worldwide so come take a look for yourself!

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