How to build a team (applies to all ops!)

Published by David Gardner — 01-29-2023 02:01:17 PM

Getting in is one thing!

Getting others to get in is a totally different ball game!

I just watched a recent training from the CEO of the new company I just joined (along with the directors of marketing as well as product development) and they share some true gems and strategies on how to build a team.

Whether you want to take a look at this company and join me which would be awesome, or just watch to get some ideas for your own ventures the key thing is that you learn some strategies that work and result in you still having friends and family lol!

So come on over and take a look and while are there you can also check a tour of that new company out as well with one of the links that is in my post itself below the video or use this one:

Let's do this!

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