Breaking the rules here!

Published by David Gardner — 04-04-2023 01:04:46 PM

I'm breaking the rules here a little.

Normally they tell you in internet marketing to only focus on one thing in a message so as to not confuse people with what to do.

Well I am breaking that today.

Sometimes you just have to go against the grain and make things happen.

Ok so here goes.

1) I have been creating a new report/training on List Building called "List Chemistry" (heh I am a HS Chemistry teacher after all lol!) and I want you to be one of the first to come and take a look and give me some feedback!

I have some of the upsell stuff already live and other training coming out shortly to help you build your list and learn how to progress not only in email marketing but also affiliate sales and much more.

Grab the report here:

2) I have been continuing to grow my team in a new Global health and wellness company called LiveGood and want you to be a part of this "revolution" with me because the prices are super low and the cost of entry is as well which makes it obtainable for many people around the world.

There is also NO auto-ship requirement or monthly minimums needed to purchase and maintain a rank within the company.

Take the tour to learn more here:

In actuality when you start building your own list from what you learn in #1 above you can then use those same strategies to help build our team with #2!

As always you can reply back here with any questions about either of these, though the key thing is always to get in and take action on what you learn and be a continuous implementer.

Let's do this!

Dave Gardner

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