Get into the dough your first week of joining!

Published by David Gardner — 04-16-2023 12:04:34 PM

Happy Sunday Funday!

One of the biggest things people want to know when they join a new business is how long will it take me to earn back that initial cost.

It all obviously all depends on a few things

  • How coachable you are to learn about the product
  • How willing you are to take action and promote the product
  • You wash, rinse and repeat!

Nothing will happen if you sit idle on the side though in some cases you can still earn some nice dough your first week of joining when you do follow some simple steps.

Right now thousands are joining daily AND ranking up to the first level and breaking even on their original costs and many even going well above and beyond that in their first days and weeks.

You can too with the strategies, templates, swipe files and more that our team shares with you.

Let's do this!

Dave Gardner

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