Black Friday comes early! Some major bonuses to boot!

Published by David Gardner — 11-21-2023 09:11:33 PM

Not to jump on the bandwagon but obviously it's that time of year...So why make you wait until Friday!

I have a couple bonuses and specials I want to share with you to take a serious look at which relate to you building your own list but also help you take part in two of the fastest growing opportunities online.

One has put in over 850K members in under a year and another is from company that has been around for over 20 years in the digital marketing space.


So #1 is LiveGood: A global membership currently focusing on health products with a ONE time $40 registration fee and then either a $9.95/month or $99.95/year membership pricepoint.

There is nothing else required to buy and no upsells and you can purchase products or swag at your own desire.

There are 6 ways to earn commissions here and get paid down many generations.

To make it super enticing I have some amazing bonuses when you join me in LiveGood.

1) I am waiving my List Chemistry "Traffic" and "Labs" fee for you which is normally a $27 upsell and then a monthly fee for my continued traffic and leads training and instead you will get upgraded as a bonus!

2) I am going to send you a physical copy of some amazing Network Marketing training from Eric Worre and Jim Rohn on physical CD's for what I like to call Drive Time University

3) I am going to hook you up with 150 emails you can use to edit so it sounds like its coming from your voice and perspective to be able to send to prospects over time.

4) I am going to cover your vacation stay at a worldwide destination (I cover hotel cost but you would be responsible for resort fees/taxes as well as your own transport, food, entertainment etc.)

5) I will help coach you as you build your own team

Join Dave in LiveGood at



Since 2009 I have been hosting my website and using the tools of GVO to run my business.

They relaunched their Got Backup? Cloud hosting platform where you can get up to 6TB Of back up for YOU and 5 other devices (think your kids laptops, phone and more!)

This is another low price point business at just $9.97/month or the recommended $99 annually so you can save $20.

They pay both up front commissions as well as matching bonuses and on team growth.

They normally also have a ONE Time registration fee but as I have been connected with the company for so long AND actually made the lead capture system training videos that are in the members area I was able to get the CEO to share with me a special private link to waive that $40 fee for the holiday!

BOOM! That's huge!

Join Dave in GotBackup? Here

Let's do this!

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