Your Name on the Leaderboards

Published by David Gardner — 02-03-2024 01:02:47 PM

Want to know one of the best things I love seeing?

YOUR Name in the leaderboards!

Not going to lie, I love seeing my name there as well because I love the competition but it make me even more excited to see people I am connected to rocking the leaderboards.

Take for example one of my teammates David, from Canada, who is currently ranked 23 out of over 1 million members.

My personal sponsor is from the US and ranked #1 and his sponsor (from Japan but originally the UK) is ranked #7

So there are a couple things to learn from this.

1) People with experience in list building see lots of success

2) People who have been consistent in their business continue to grow

3) People you sponsor can out rank you (I have been hovering around the 300 position lately lol!)

4) People from all over the world can be connected to you in an online/digital business

Right now you have the ability to take the steps necessary to make YOUR life better.

It's not going to just happen though. You need to take action in the process.

You might invite someone who down the road has a connection to someone else who is a talented marketer.

You might even continue to educate and learn and become a master over time and do something that outranks me or my sponsors.

That is the beauty of it. There is no limit to what you can do when you take action and put the right methods to work for you.

But as they have to be in it to win it.

So today I want you to take some massive action and give LiveGood a try!

To make it totally worth your while AND to help you in your referring others, I have $15,873 in bonuses to share with you when you join me. Just click this link here:

Let's do this!

Dave Gardner

PS In 9 days, my former Mastermind leader Mike Filsaime and fellow member and now business partner Tom Beal are launching a Traffic Mastermind.

One of the best things you can do to learn marketing is to learn how to generate your own traffic to your offers.

They are launching a "Traffic Syndicate" Mastermind with Launch dates from February 12-29 which includes but is not limited to

1) Live in person training 3X/year for 5 days (actually 4 days of learning and one of fun!) down in Baca Raton Florida.

2) Weekly live sessions to watch live or on demand.

3) Strategies covering all sorts of traffic generation strategies from the people who have been working behind the scenes for Mike, Brendan Burchard and many others.

Right now we are looking for Affiliates and JV partners and are paying out on two tiers...40% on the direct sales and 10% on second tier sales and you can register a free account to become one today and also get on the early bird list to know when thing launch if you are not interested in promoting but are in joining the mastermind.

Use this link to become a JV Partner

Or if you only want to check out the Mastermind but not promote...

Use this link to get on the early bird list

Again, the launch is February 12-29 so you have a month to think it over and get ready...But you have to be registered for the launch!

If you want to learn more and register your JV account (which does not cost you even one penny) just click the first of the two links above or my image here for the Traffic Syndicate!

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