3 Good Things Today!

Published by David Gardner — 04-13-2024 12:04:45 PM

Bad things come in threes right?  Well I want to change the tide on that and have you take part in THREE great things

Thus, I have a challenge for you today!

Good thing #1

I want you to pick up my Free* book (I just ask you cover S/H)


Good thing #2

I also want to know if you can figure out what it is that LiveGood is doing better than ANY company out there these days?

Come watch the Firestarter Friday replay and see why/how LiveGood is doing things that are so much BETTER than most other companies when they launch new products.


Finally today...

Good thing #3...Shameless plug time lol

I now made the the cutoff for the top 15 (in my group) for America's Favorite teacher and I want to remind you to take 2 minutes and send some love with a daily vote.

YES you can vote daily and the votes are cumulative in these next rounds as I try to climb up to the top spot of America's Favorite Teacher as they remove 5 more people each week.

I currently am stuck at 14th place this morning so I appreciate all your help to crack the top 10 and survive into the next round!

Here is that link to do a good deed today lol!


All you need to do is vote and you can vote DAILY!

Then you can even share/send it to others to help out as well which is greatly appreciated.

Let's do this!

Dave Gardner


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