Why Blog Advertising Works...

Published by Dave Hayes — 06-06-2022 10:06:27 AM

When it comes to advertising online. you will have noticed that there are literally hundreds of ways to advertise

Traffic Exchanges


Login Ads

Text Ads

Banner Ads

Advertising Co-Ops

All of them are effective in their own right and produce results

Yet there is one form of online advertising, which stands above any of the above mentioned methods

That is Blog Advertising

Thats right, Blog Advertising, which should not be confused with Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a different form of Blog Advertising, because it is linked to Google's own platform

True Google pays you for displaying ads on your blog, but those payments are literally pennies

To earn any sort of consistent and serious income from Adwords, you  have to be produce stack loads ofcontent 

But when it comes to Blog Advertising, then LeasedAdSpace comes into its own

It has every form of advertising you could want and wish for, and doesn't require you to click in countless exchanges

Nor are you required to surf for hours in the hope you can muster a few leads for your business

No, none of that matters...


Because you can simply write a blog post reviewing a certain product, which can be anything you like.

People reading it, will be compelled to click on the links within your post

When they do they will click through to the product and make a purchase

Content online is king, no matter if its written or video

Content remains evergreen and once your blog post is up, then it is there for all to find

So you get paid over and over  for work you have done once. That in itself is simply awesome

Traffic Exchanges

Now as a once die hard fan of Traffic Exchanges, they have their place, and there are some very good ones in operation

However, unless you are prepared to upgrade in them, then you will be clicking your fingers to the bone

Hour after long hour

Whereas if you have an advertising blog up, then you simply write good content on it and the rest will take care of itself.

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I am a UK based Direct Response marketing consultant, who has been marketing online since 2000, & professionally since 2009, specialising in helping the small business sector globally, get traffic to their website/s and advertising their businesses online. I use LeasedAdSpace, for a very important reason, which is... Because the search engines rank the site well, the Traffic is good quality, the Click Through rates are above average and I get good opt ins to my offers, through the various ad packages, such as banner ads, text & solo ads, as well as being paid 100% commissions for traffic packages that other advertisers buy. For any business to grow online, you need quality traffic, a tiered ad mix and optins LeasedAd Space gives me that and more besides Irrespective of the type if experience, or the results you are currently getting, using LAS will most definately improve them, so why not join me today and get the results you really want