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I am a UK based Direct Response marketing consultant, who has been marketing online since 2000, & professionally since 2009, specialising in helping the small business sector globally, get traffic to their website/s and advertising their businesses online. I use LeasedAdSpace, for a very important reason, which is... Because the search engines rank the site well, the Traffic is good quality, the Click Through rates are above average and I get good opt ins to my offers, through the various ad packages, such as banner ads, text & solo ads, as well as being paid 100% commissions for traffic packages that other advertisers buy. For any business to grow online, you need quality traffic, a tiered ad mix and optins LeasedAd Space gives me that and more besides Irrespective of the type if experience, or the results you are currently getting, using LAS will most definately improve them, so why not join me today and get the results you really want

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10 Great Reasons Why Free Advertising For You Works!

Published on 04-12-2023 04:04:39 AM by Dave Hayes

This blog post explains 10 Great Reasons why Free Advertising For You works

If you haven't heard of it before Free Advertising For You is the Brainchild of Jason Wise

Jason also owns

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Why Blog Advertising Works...

Published on 06-06-2022 10:06:27 AM by Dave Hayes

When it comes to advertising online. you will have noticed that there are literally hundreds of ways to advertise

Traffic Exchanges


Login Ads

Text Ads

Banner Ads

Advertising Co-Ops

All of them are effective in their own right and produce

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TrafficSwirl ~ A review of TrafficSwirl & How to generate 3 Times more traffic

Published on 03-22-2018 06:03:28 AM by Dave Hayes

This post explains how to generate 3 Times more traffic to your website

If you use manual surf traffic exchanges, then you will be interested in this post for sure

Traffic Exchanges

Manual Surf traffic exchanges

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TrafficAdBar ~ How to get Optins from TrafficAdBar

Published on 03-16-2018 12:03:06 PM by Dave Hayes

Okay this post explains how to get optins from the TrafficAdBar, manual surf traffic Exchange

First of all, if you use manual traffic exchanges and are not a fan of them, this will help you see things in a different light


Good then we shall begin

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MOBE ~ A review of the MOBE affioliate Marketing system

Published on 03-13-2018 07:03:06 AM by Dave Hayes

MOBE Stands for My Own Business Education and is the brainchild of Matt Llloyd

It was started in 2008, with the intention of providing independent business owners with a business education that would be a kind of business plan, but at the same time, point them in the right direction

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