TrafficAdBar ~ How to get Optins from TrafficAdBar

Published by Dave Hayes — 03-16-2018 12:03:06 PM

Okay this post explains how to get optins from the TrafficAdBar, manual surf traffic Exchange

First of all, if you use manual traffic exchanges and are not a fan of them, this will help you see things in a different light


Good then we shall begin

TrafficAdBar is a manual surf traffic exchange, which has a review on it, in video form elsewhere on this blog

It is, in my opinion underrated and underused

As a fan of traffic exchanges myself, what I couldn't understand was, others were using it and getting great results from it

I was using it, just like they were and not getting the same results... This led me to think what do they do that dont

The answer is revealed in this post

It is this. I was using TrafficAdBar as a free member, which is perfectly okay and acceptable

For every website you view, as the videos elsewhere here explain, you get points

Now I had been surfing and accumulating points on a regular daily basis, when one day...

I just happened to surf and reach 10,000 points. 

The following day, I received a notification by email, that one of my websites had leveled up

What this meant was, because I reached 10,000 points, my websites had jumped a few levels and got more exposure

Now at this point

You might say  I had a 'lightbulb' moment, this bulb will also help you as well

Because, it suddenly occurred to me, that by reaching 10,000 points I had gone


What happens if you upgrade to premium?

Read on and all will be revealed!

Upgrading to premium, which costs £36 per month, gives you a whole lot more benefits, which includes easier surfing time wise and accumulating 10,000 points very quickly

So, i then instead of surfing for hours, like I was doing, surfed for 2 periods of 45 minutes each, at different times of the day

Doing this, you reach more points quicker, get faster exposure  AND... get optins like they are going out of fashion

Its nothing short of amazing... 

You see, traffic exchanges and there are currently 19 billion of them  most of which are poorly run, save for a few can be broken down into two possibly three different categories which are

Low Ticket Manual Surf

High Ticket Manual Surf

Revenue share models

TrafficAdBar falls into the middle bracket, because of its structure and  compensation plan

Other manual surf exchanges fall into the low ticket surf category, because they require you to surf for hours and pay very little in terms of commissions

Surfing the low ticket Traffic Exchanges, can lead to burn out and time out of the game, because you are chasing your tail for credits and usually not many of them daily

Revenue Share models are in their own category, because you usually are required to perform a few tasks and in return get paid a generous share of the profits.

So if you are currently not seeing as much success as you would like from your TE activity, then why not take a look at TrafficAdBar

You can create a free account below... My recommendation is to go premium straight away, because of the results you will see


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