The BEST Text to Speech Video Software is here – 24 Different Languages!

Published by Dennis Smith — 07-06-2017 11:07:19 AM

Breakthrough video-software comes out once in a blue moon.. but
TODAY is the day.. VIDEO PAL is here, at an opening discount, and you
are about to be blown away!

Video Pal features walking-talking 2D and 3D animated video “characters”
with text-to-speech in 24 different languages that will arrest the attention of
any website visitor. Better yet, Video Pal also comes packed with real-live
human spokespeople, or you can even turn YOURSELF into a “pal” by
just shooting a video of yourself in front of a solid colored wall (green works best).
The software does the rest, removing the green and placing YOU on any
website you’d like!


You’ve seen these kinds of “video hosts” before, but they usually run $500 to $1000
to place on your website. NOW – you can place video spokespersons not only on
YOUR website or blog, but on ANY website or blog to increase your leads, and
sales by more than 3 times!

The possibilities are endless:

– It works on all devices (even mobile)
– Use Video Pal on your own website or any other website
– Use 2D, 3D, or real-human videos, or even your OWN videos to create
these “walk on” video magnets
– Create Video Pals in seconds with the BEST Text to Speech in 24 different languages
– Works great on all websites, even WordPress, ClickFunnels or LeadPages

VideoPal IS the new standard in increasing website conversions no
matter what your site, no matter what your niche. Get VideoPal
today and virtually guarantee your website will perform better
when you use your new “pals”!

Get VideoPal now, before the price goes up later today. 


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