Fear It Clown

Published by Donald Robinson — 02-08-2018 11:02:11 PM

And no I am not calling anyone a clown but talking

about the fears I have had or should say still

have of clowns.

Something creepy about them to me subconsciously.

Could be movies like Poltergeist with the clown in

the kids room under the bed, extending its arms

grabbing the little boy and pulling him under


... Stephen King's The It that still gives me

chill likely created that fear.

Fear comes in many forms, good or bad.

If I could be a kid and have no fear, I would be

winning at everything...

The truth of the matter is we fear a lot.

Fear of what the future holds.

Fear that our financial situation will never be


Fear the thought of not being able to provide for

the family.

Look at fear in two different ways... 

Face everyday and run..


Face everyday and rise 

If we allow fear to set in we will be forced to

run away from all the challenges we face in our

journey called life.

Oh woe is me.

If we face our fears and rise above, we will live

in the moment now and till the end of time.

For that moment will allow us to rise above all

and seek strength in what we do in life.

Some say mo-ney is the root of all evil.

Mo-ney makes us and it can break us too.

We fear mo-ney to lose

We fear mo-ney to win

If we lose we have nothing and if we win we have

it all.

Fear nothing.

Be fearless and you shall succeed.

To help conquer some of your fears in your

business, then this Formula is a must Read.

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