Paid to get high

Published by Donald Robinson — 02-08-2018 11:02:51 PM

Couple days ago one of my buddies posted an update

on social media about whether or not he was the

solution to a problem or enabling the problem.

It was crazy how much he was beating himself up

over this.

Oh wait..

Forgot to tell you what the status update was...

So my buddy who we can call Nats Oyam (real name

backwards), owns his own painting business and I

give him kudos for this...

... he heads down to the men's shelter a couple

times a week to hire workers for the day.

Nats is definitely giving back to the community by

trying to help those who could use a little

in.come to make a difference.

However the difference he was making, made him

question whether he was doing the right thing.

Granted he paid these hired men for a days work

but when he ran to the bank to get some extra

dough to pay one of the workers...

20 minutes later he finds one of his workers "high

as a kite."

Dang being paid to get high.

I can understand his dilema here, while trying to

help those that are on down on their luck for

whatever reason.

And this reason is clearly related to a drug


You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make

it drink.

Proud of my buddy Nats and he should keep doing

what he is doing because he is providing an

employment solution to so many that need it but

may choose not to want it.

If you so choose to get paid to get high on

knowledge that can make a difference in your life

and others then you do not want to miss it here.

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